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Rachelle Delaney Returns With a Story of the Modern Circus and Problem-Solving Adventures

Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

An Engaging Story of How Change Can Be Good

An Engaging Story of How Change Can Be Good

A Story of Changes That Produce Success

Rachelle Delaney has returned with her new book The Bonaventure Adventures, and writes an engaging story of changes, friendship, and the fascinating world of contemporary circus arts. A young boy must find a way to save his family's world-renowned circus from financial failure due to declining ticket revenue and lack of interest in its show. his father has no faith in his son's ability to save the family circus, but Seb is sure that he can convince his father to make the needed changes.

Seb is accepted into the famous Bonaventure Circus School in Montreal. He has no circus skills but he convinces the directrice that he should keep his place at the school as a student. When he arrives, he soon discovers that the school is also in financial distress. He and two friends must help the school to survive. Seb now has two projects that must result in success if everyone is to survive and thrive. Seb must also convince the school directrice to make changes in how a circus produces a show to continue to draw people to a performance. Old-fashioned circus ways must change.

Seb has a creative idea that he wants to implement in order to save both the school and his family's circus. His challenge is to bring everyone on board with the modern ways of producing a circus show. His friend Audrey and a few other friends come up with ideas to launch the new way to do a show. "The clown lives in the present moment," Audrey told them. "Most of us, especially adults, spend a lot of time thinking about what's coming next or what just happened, or sometimes what happened a long time ago, and how we could have changed it." "And that's why clowns can see things differently, " Audrey continued. This concept is the basis for designing a new circus performance that will bring people back to the circus.

The Bonaventure Adventures is a page-turning chapter book for ages 9-12. The lessons of friendship, creativity, and perseverance that young readers will take from the story. Changes can make a difference! The Bonaventure Adventures was published by Puffin Books, a division of Penguin/Random House. It is recommended for ages 9-12, and has an ISBN of 978-0-14-319850-5. It is also available in e-book form with an ISBN of 978-0-14-319852-9.

Get Acquainted With Rachelle Delaney

Rachelle Delaney is the author of several books for young readers in the middle grades. She has many awards to her credit. She is the recipient of the CLA Award for Book of the Year for Children, the Red Cedar Book Award, and the Rocky Mountain Book Award. She was also named as a top under-30 author in Canada by the Canadian Authors' Association. you may visit her website at

Award-Winning Author for Readers in the Middle Grades

Award-Winning Author for Readers in the Middle Grades

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The Added Twist for Change That Proves Successful

Delaney's twist in The Bonaventure Adventures teaches young readers that many people can be helped if good changes occur and everyone is on board. The exclusive Bonaventure Circus School in Montreal is an old school that was formerly an old church. Seb arrives as a new student and he is surprised to see the old building that certainly does not look like a school. "It felt more like a medieval castle than a circus." It is rather a spooky setting. Delaney's use of a black and spooky illustration is creative. He arrives at a time when everything is falling apart in the old building and he discovers that he must also help to save this old building for the prestigious school. He soon learns that the old building was formerly a monastery. Seb's thought that everything will be okay gets him through his first days there.

Seb's plan to save his family's circus from its demise also saves the school. He knows that changes must be made to bring his family's circus into the modern era and with his plans come a large donation to help with renovations for the school. This surprise ending teaches young readers that creativity for making changes in life is necessary for success.

Black illustration provides the concept of spookiness for the old building

Black illustration provides the concept of spookiness for the old building

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