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Best 4 Stories of Rabindranath Tagore in My Childhood

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Story of Rabindranath Tagore


Childhood stories always make me happy. In a few days, I completed a few Short Stories by Rabindranath Tagore. Rabindranath Tagore was a writer. He was A dramatist And Novelist. Moreover, he was a great human being. His best creation "Gitanjali" got the Nobel prize. He makes Bengali proud. He makes us proud as Indians.

Here is a review of his stories.

  • Endurer voj
  • Chuti
  • Suva
  • balai

  • Endurer Voj

"Endurer Voj" was written by Rabindranath Thakur. It is a Bengali short story. Reading this story, happiness twinkles in my mind.

Children who are on vacation go back to their school by train. As usual, children are naughty. They hear news on their vacation that one teacher will join their school. But the student does not like the teacher. They make a plan on how to Chase the teacher. They already make a funny song using the name of the teacher.

After a while, an old man became their companion. students began to react. When the man sleeps, the children eat all his food. The old man understands but he doesn't scold them. Again They sing loudly. The old man silently slept. And the last, students asked the person for some food. So many people are selling food on that train. The old man bought food from them for the students.

After all that they become friends. Now the students want to know, "Where are you going?" The old man said I AM alone in this world. So I searched for a job for myself. The student said, "oh this is good. You can go with us. We need a teacher in our school. You can read us." The old man said, "but how could it be possible! Your school secretary doesn't allow me." Students make a plan, they say, "we will be there with you. Please go with us." After a long conversation, the old man decided to go with the students.

Reaching the station. The students saw their secretary standing to welcome the new teacher. and you know who the teacher is? The teacher is that old man.

  • Chuti

Fatik Chakraborty, the local chief of boys. Boys who read in school. After school, they regularly go to play. One Day they play on that playground with a log. Sitting on the log they try to move the log. Today this is their favourite game which They are playing.

After a few minutes, Makhanlal came to Fatik and complained that no one talked to him, no one played with Makhanlal. Fatik is the local chief of his team so he has to do something. But Fatik can't do anything. Makhanlal went to his home and complained to his mother.

Letter Fatik's mother called in. She scalded Fatik very badly, at this moment there came his uncle. He lives in Kolkata. After living some days uncle request Fatik's mother to send Fatik with him to Kolkata. Listing that Fatik became happy. Fatik's mother permitted his uncle. Fatik lifts his village and goes to Kolkata.

Kolkata is a big city. Everything is new for Fatik. Everyone is unknown to him. But he is trying to understand the lifestyle. After some days Fatik understands It's not like Fatik's village. Here everything is on time. School is so boring. Fatik can't play in his school. He doesn't want to go to school. Fatik can't adjust to this. His village is remembered again and again.

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One day he told his uncle to send him back to his village. But his uncle said this is not the right time to go back to the village. This is not a vacation.

A few days later Fatik became ill. His mother came to Kolkata for Fatik illness. Fatik can't wait for his vacation. He takes leave forever.

This story made me wonder. I Understand that little children can not explain their thoughts to us. If we don't try to understand them well, we will lose them forever.

  • Suva

This is a story of a young girl. Suva is the name of this little girl. The girl can't speak. The girl lived in a village. In her village, there was a river. That River was her friend. She converses with the river so many times. One cow and calf are also the playmates of this little girl.

Pratap is a boy who also resided in this village. Suva and Pratap are not friends but there is an understanding between the two. Pratap is the man who can understand everything in Suva. And he is the person who told Suva that she got married. Hearing the news Suva became upset. She is trying to tell everyone that he is not interested in this marriage. But no one attended to her. She got married.

After a few months, her husband and in-laws came to know that she wasn't able to talk. They get angry. After a few days, Suva's husband again got married. This time his new wife was able to talk.

In this story, we found the sadness of a girl who is unable to talk. This story teaches us how to behave with a person who is unable to explain words, explain his thoughts anymore. Maybe they cannot talk but they also have a beautiful mind.

Rabindranath Tagore always teaches us how to behave. His story is always telling us Life is beautiful, and we have to respect everyone who is in our life.

Here is another one Balai

Balai is a boy who just crossed his teenage years. In his childhood, he lost his mother. His father did not care for him. His all love was for his paternal uncle and aunty.

The one place where he gets all his peace. That is nature. With lots of curiosity, he looks at nature. When a seed gets its first root the boy receives the news early. The grass is very fond of him. Leaf takes existence for him. The garden is the place which he loved so much. There was one another who loved the boy very much. She is his aunty.

One day simul seeds got life and spread his leaf for surviving in the world. Balai notices that. Every day, he observes the growth of the seed. One day Balai saw the seed trying to reach the sky. He ran and called his uncle to see that. Coming to the garden uncle said I will cut the tree. Balai began crying. His aunty tells his uncle to save the tree.

Balai's father decided to take away Balai from his aunty for better study. Balai did not want to go but he had to.

Later, Balai's uncle decided to cut the tree. After cutting the tree he got a letter from Balai where he sad sand a picture of that tree. Balai's aunt did not know what his uncle had done. When she comes to know. She can't forgive her husband. To her, That tree was the symbol of Balai.

These are the unforgivable stories of Rabindranath Tagore. These stories tell us about how life is beautiful. So believe in life.

This story made me wonder. I Understand that little children can not explain their thoughts to us. If we don't try to understand them well, we will lose them forever

— Paramita sen


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