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RWBY : Roman’s Holiday

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Basic Summary

A Quick Summary

Title : Rwby: Roman Holiday

Author : E. C. Meyers

Story by : Kerry Shawcross and Eddy Rivas

Pages : 308 pages

Published : September 2021

Publisher : AFK


Roman Torchwick has plans of being a big shot criminal, while Trivia Vanille just wants to find a place she belongs. The two of them come from very different backgrounds but share a passion : destruction. While Roman has been in the crime game for a while having been with a crime organization Trivia has been held like a hostage by her own wealthy parents who think she is embarrassing or trouble because she won’t speak and has a Semblance that she calls Overactive Imagination. The two couldn’t be any more different in lifestyles or upbringing, but they end up working well together.Meeting by chance by a mutual enemy the Machalite Twins, their friendship and partnership begins. However they are both using each other to get something they want. The only question being, will they get caught and separated or will the u likely friendship save them in the end when a big manifest is on the line? Will Roman’s burnt bridges be his undoing? In this fascinating story you won’t want to miss a single detail.


Review time

E. C. Meyers has done it again in the newest installment of the RWBY novels he has written. Unlike before with the first two, we get the pleasure of following different characters through the story; Roman and Trivia (who goes by Neo). In this thrilling tale, we get to see more into the life of the crime organizations than we had in the show. It provides some knowledge on my favorite bad guy Roman, while also showing he has a soft side. It was definitely my favorite of the three I have read and not just because I may have a crush on Roma (don’t tell my husband).

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Like ai said this one was different, because we aren’t following Team CFVY like we did in previous novels, but we aren’t stopping the differences there. As you may know or have picked up from other reviews o the other two, Team CFVY are good guys, however in this particular story, we get to follow around bad guys, or criminals. Though i suppose you could say its all in the eye of the beholder. While Roman knows he is a criminal, Trivia, does know stealing is wrong, but couldn’t care less as it is the one thing that helps garuntee she gets what she wants. The characters’ background are very different but it shows, how you were raised doesn’t always mean you will be a good person.

I really enjoyed reading this even though the story does flip between Roman and Trivia frequently. I know it is a silly thing to be annoyed about, but sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming to me as i get attached to characters ad want to know more about them and what they are doing. However, in this latest installment, i enjoyed the fact that we got to see how you upbringing could affect you as well as how money doesn’t always bring happiness. Trvia’s parents are wealthy and known in many socialite circles, but they have secrets. One is their own daughter’s abilities. She can create illusions, which can be extremely handy, especially if you are constantly sneaking out and doing things that could be bad. Trivia lives a plush life. Her parents buy her things, but they never get her what she wants. Even though the poor girl is a mute, they seem embarrassed of her and her ability, rather than showering her with love all the time, they pressure her to speak and hide her away. Thoug throughout the story, just her saying her name seems to become helpful in some situations, Trivia, rather she lived a different life. One where she could do what she wanted when she wanted and not be afraid of punishments or being pressured to speak, she just wants a friend to like her for who she is. One of the things she that really makes her happy is destruction, and we see her admit that to herself, after one outing, where she snuck off.

This is something i feel most teenagers would do, especially given in today’s society. It also proves, just because a person comes from a rich family, doesn’t mean their needs are being met or that the money can buy happiness. Though, i will say the rich parents can come in handy it seems, when daddy pays off everything you stole, just to keep the family name from showing up in the news for theft, which could definitely make a parent look bad. After all there is that saying your children are representations of you. The same can be said about Roman as well though.

Roman was abandoned by his mother and grew up on the streets. Though this toughened him up and made him see things differently that what Trivia would see them, he chose crime for survival. Naturally you would think he would want friends, having been alone, However when is forced to join a crime organization, he still prefers to keep his distant. He even goes as far as to say he doesn’t want to rely on anyone and doesn’t need a partner. So even though he ends up getting kicked out of the crime organization, you really have a hard time really understanding why he doesn’t want a partner. After all, partner’s in crime can help watch your back, see things you are overlooking and so on. I feel Roman’s desire to not split profits, if the risk is going to be high with a partner. After all people can be shady and turn against you, which later we find out has happened to Roman in the past, thought we never get any details. It got me thinking a lot of what a criminals mind dals with.

Through out the story, we see these two individuals come together and end up wrecking havoc together. It was only after Trivia saved Roman though, a man she didn’t know. It does end up helping her get some freedom, as he parents had recently sent her to a brooding school for girls to teach her to be a “good” girl, and i feel it did trviia a lot of good. After all we get to see her blossom. SHe figures out she wants to be friends with Roman and follows through. She uses her freedom to help him and train to increase he skills in a fight with out her semblance. TO watch their friend ship grow was rather sweet and left me wondering if they would be love interests. After all Roman was the first person to truly understand Trivia and allowed Trivia to become the person she wanted to be, even accepting her new name, even if he didn’t know better, than anyone else. It was quite refreshing.

Even in the end when lives were at stake it was extremely pleasant to see them save each other and joke around and even decide what the next steps would be. I just can’t get over how delightful this book was. It was easy to relate a lot of it to the world around me, but it was extremely nice to see things from the side of criminals to understand more of why ROman does what he does as well as why Neo does her thing. I found that even the world of RWBY has its problems and the people aren’t much different making it easier to relate and develop attachments to them.

In Conclusion

With all that being said, I will rate this 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. It was a read that wouldn’t let me stop. Though it was a short read, it definitely got me thinking and even discussing it with my husband, who doesn’t read. I want to shout about this novel to everyone I know as it has a special place in my heart for how good it was. I would definitely love to see a series about these two start up and follow them a little more. And as i have mentioned, i really enjoyed seeing Roman again. If only all criminals were like him, Just kidding, he is extremely smart and would be trouble if he was a real criminal amount us. So go ahead get your copy and read on. And as always, happy reading.

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