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Rwby Fairy Tales of Remnant, a Book Review

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RWBY Fairy Tales of Remnant is a collection of short stories that are told to the children of different cultures in the world of Remnant, where all things RWBY take place. At first i debated on actually writing a review for this as it's not very big or actually needed to understand anything in the RWBY universe, however, I decided to do this review because it was amazing my three year old enjoyed listening to the stories and helping me figure out what the lessons were in each story.

Throughout the world of RWBY we have either heard snippets of the short stories or even lessons learned from the stories. One of which we read a short bit about as Fox from a couple of novels had mentioned. The story had given him strength to continue on and he stated he loved the story. That particular story was in this collection of shor stories Upon reading the book, it was nice to see a different version of short stories we have heard over our childhood to learn lessons.

Not only is it a collection of short stories, from the viewpoint of Professor Ozpin, who is no longer with us to our knowledge, we get to see his notes on each story and in some cases in the stories themselves. Those little notes made me smile. As I actually liked Ozpin in the show and was devasted when he went missing. To which we weren’t all that knowledgeable about.

These stories are refreshing and still teach lessons and cause bought provoking feelings and ideals, that we can learn and take. I think this is a rather good book to read to children. Ass I stated my daughter who is three enjoyed listening to the stories and going through the lessons with me. Some stories were about working hard and sacrificing to make life better for others, while others were about being kind to others. They may not have the ideals we have, but they do live in a different world and those lessons can still be applied to those who listen to them. In one of the notes Ozpin puts, he even states the lessons would be different for everyone based on their cultures, aspects, and characteristics. I firmly believe the same goes with our fairy tales that we tell children.

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Over the course of reading the collections, i was able to pull a few that applied to my life as well as how some of the tales were similar to ones we told children. I fell this book would be a good addition o reading to small children all over as some of the lessons are clearer than the stories I was told as a kind and have put out of my own mind. Not to mention the funny comments in the stories can bring a little humor when you, yourself are a little tired. Children do seem to want a billion and one stories before bed.

I know I will personally be reading these over and over to my child until she is wanting something new, as i feel the stories are entertaining and provide messages that will continue to better her as a person. I might even start referring to them in my daily life to remind myself of some of the lesson. Especially ones about hard work. It was a very good collection and I recommend it to anyone who’s is curious about the world of RWBY as well as those otakus out there with small children , like myself. The interesting take on stories can be refreshing to children who hear the same stories all the time, not to mention the lessons in the story can differ person to person.

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In summary to what has been said, I rate this book five star out of five stars. Not just because of the lessons and new takes, but because it was interesting and pleasant to read. It may feel relevant to you or the world around you, but the meanings go much deeper and can be applied. Not only that, but it does make a good bed time story for small children.

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