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Quotes about Depression and Loneliness


Depression and Loneliness Quotes

These depression quotes and sayings about loneliness are showing us the other side of the story. I think most people with depression have some sort of childhood trauma and neglect. You can't just get over if you have to learn how it has affected your thinking and relationships and relearn healthier ways to live your life. Finding what makes you happy (hobbies, volunteer opportunities, jobs, or just hanging with friends, etc). Whatever it is, when you consciously make time to pursue it? Your outlook will typically improve. It doesn't mean all your problems will go away, but you'll feel better when you're the captain of your own ship, rather than waiting for commands for others about your own life.

Depression doesn't mean I'm broken; things happen that causes the depression, being depressed doesn't mean you're too sensitive or not strong. it means you've been coping with pain and stressful messing up your brain chemistry, it means you've been being strong for too long. Feeling depressed is hard enough deal with; it isn't something to be ashamed of. People don't make fun of people who take insulin for diabetics or heart medication, that's why I ignore abusive people, hateful imperfect people. I believe in having kind positive friends, I believe in having hobbies, sports and hanging out with friends. I believe in going to therapy and taking an anti-depressant, anti-anxiety medication if depression doesn't go away on its own after a couple weeks because your depression can keep you from enjoying life. it affects your family and friends. I have felt happier and seen my life become successful with help. I've seen others lives get way better with help, unashamed pro-active and steps forward. Being stuck inside something awful, just because that's what you're used to, is too real. I would say most people don't want to feel like that, don't want to be stuck in that cage, but if it's the only thing you know. It's hard to break your chains when you don't know what's beyond them.

  1. It is easy to feel isolated and alone. Sometimes in the midst of it, we find it hard to read people and we misinterpret their actions too which make it even harder.
  2. People look at you and say how can you feel depressed when you have such a beautiful family, nice house, nice car? What more do you want? When it has nothing to do with what you have. They just don't understand.
  3. I know my daily battle with the loneliness that feeds my depression and my depression feeds my loneliness.
  4. It is kind of an odd thing to me that I avoid people and crowds at times but then feel lonely. Also, look how many people are in this world. It seems a wonder we feel lonely ever. I know it is inside of us, but it is still kind of a curious state of mind if you think about it.
  5. I refuse to be around people who are not welcoming to me. Until you all make more of an effort to educate yourselves and be more understanding, I am staying out of your lives.
  6. I try to smile at anyone I see while out in public, although some days are harder than others. But, still, trying to smile can be a boost for my mood.
  7. You'll cry and feel lonely but there's no better pleasure than enjoying time with yourself. You're first, no matter what other people say, take care of you, treat yourself right and care about you, the rest won't matter anymore.
  8. As someone who has suffered from bad postpartum depression, which I do not talk about much, it is hard to talk about when you do not know what you’re feeling, hard to explain, and you feel shameful. Suffering postpartum is a topic that needs to be discussed more openly so women know when and how to seek out help.
  9. People will only feel comfortable sharing their illness with others when they know of other sufferers.
  10. You want to know you are not alone, and you want to know there is a meaning, and a path to walk in. One of the most difficult times for me was the loss of my faith.
  11. A good deed is a good deed as long as it helps someone out and doesn't cause harm to anyone else
  12. If you're forcing yourself to believe in something it doesn't really count. Being social is about being a good person and helping others if you're in it just to make yourself happy it won't help.
  13. It is difficult to find something if you are looking in the wrong direction, look inwards not outwards but also know that the loneliness is killing you slowly, anyone with a conscience and common sense will know this.
  14. One way to know someone and feel comfortable is to have a heart to heart talk. Tell about yourself and you will be surprised that you will feel a lot closer. It’s about taking risks.
  15. Normal is such a loaded word, it means something different to everyone. I think you can make your own normal. You have survived way more than some people and are making great strides for yourself in life. All of life is a work in progress, sometimes we make "A", sometimes we are hanging on with "D"s. But overall, we can learn from the journey.
  16. Joy is being happy and content no matter what situation you're in and no matter what life has to throw at you. I haven't found it yet.
  17. I like living alone, having my own space and freedom. However, it would be nice to have a partner to share things with someone who thinks about me when I'm not there.
  18. I usually feel lonelier around people than when I am by myself.
  19. Being alone, dwelling in thoughts, it can be very sad, but it's much better than being with people and having to fake how we feel, and then add the pain that comes from knowing that person or people into our own lives.
  20. I am alone most of the time and yes it does make me sad but I try and occupy my time by doing something and that something is better than the fake friends around.


Short Sad Depression Quotes

  • The thought is beyond thought, instinct beyond instinct, a desire beyond desire, it all becomes sentience immovable the corollary moving into corporeal reality. You are partial to it because you have no need to be partial. Judge where there are no judgments.
  • I have a best friend but half the time I feel more alone with him than I ever have. He doesn't seem to care how I feel. People that don't suffer from depression just don't ever seem to even want to try and understand what we go through every day.
  • People with loneliness and depression issues generally need some kind of counseling but they don't know what is available or affordable to them, and the hardest part is that everyone needs to be willing to go.
  • I liked being alone until I started caring for someone. Now it’s not so much happy as it used to be.
  • When you're by yourself enjoying what you like to do without anyone judging you, at least, that's joy for me. What is not joy is what other people or society forces you to see and accept as such without stopping one second to consider what you really like or how you really feel.
  • I feel like everything positive and good I have worked for in my life becomes meaningless, I can’t see hope for the future and it terrifies me that I feel like I'm never going to get better and I have to live with this terrible thing hanging over me.
  • It's always something small that sets me off and causing a panic attack or a huge downward mood spiral and no matter how any times I come through it I just can't seem to ground myself when it happens.
  • Being alone is better than toxic relationships. If you get rid of bad best friends you can look at it as making room for better ones. Find someone who values you with your depression and struggles, not tolerates you on the condition you get better on their schedule.
  • You can't allow the depression to win. You need to do everything you can to feel better. For me, it's group yoga classes. Going for a nice walk, treating myself to a restaurant I love, volunteering at the animal shelter. Giving up isn't an option.
  • I have trust issues and can't let people get close to me. Letting them in makes me feel very vulnerable. I really want a friend, though. The loneliness makes my heart ache.
  • Sometimes I feel like I hide who I really am. I can be so critical, not sympathetic, hating and paranoid of everyone. Other times I feel like I'm being tortured by the loneliness, but I have to keep a smiling face and try to be normal.
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Jeffrey Eugenides

Depression is like a bruise that never goes away. A bruise in your mind. You just got to be careful not to touch it where it hurts. It’s always there, though.

— Jeffrey Eugenides

How to Deal with Loneliness and Depression

A dear friend of mine would say how much she hates being alone. One day I spoke to her about how she was coping and she told me she decided to be her own best friend. Today, I phone her and she told me she is so busy with fun type classes and has met new friends from around her community. Maybe being your own best friend is a good healthy start in improving one's loneliness.

Rejection is the hardest thing to take it does hurt a lot but these people who do this are not worth your time. They are probably self-obsessed and want what they want only and if you don’t fit in with their needs you are gone! Society has changed so much it’s a dog eat dog world now. You are all strong and brave people for being here in the first place, but we also have our individual weaknesses, we can only try to absorb the information others can offer us as best we can and hope that we can all gradually become stronger because of it.

Here is something to think about, there are people that you see or that see you on a daily basis and you matter to them. It may be coworkers, even people around us. You matter, you are here for something. Keep going for sure, I saw this bit on the television where someone was making cards and just handing them out randomly, they said some beautiful stuff, people matter to each other. Sometimes when we are down us just can't see it. Keep holding on.

It's fashionable to say that this is the most depressing day of the year and there is probably an element of truth in that. However, there are many people out there battling with personal problems that no one else will realize or understand that can strike anytime 24/7 365 days a year. This can be depression, anxiety, rage, hopelessness and compulsion that they keep pent up inside for a myriad of reasons. People often refuse to get help for serious problems out of shame, pride, confusion or fear of judgments. Sometimes the person saying it doesn't know the struggles you have, especially when it's an invisible illness. So do you wear your depression on your sleeve and have to deal with people who tiptoe on eggshells around you and treat you like you're broken? or do you stand strong and lean on a few close friends to help you through the tough days as you try your best not to let everyone else's ignorance bring you down?

It is commonly accepted idea that focusing on one's own personal problems is a sign of selfishness or gratefulness. This attitude needs to be challenged. Each and every person owes it to themselves to get the best support they can for the struggles that they are experiencing on a daily basis. Today please do something for a friend, family member or colleague of yours struggling with mental health difficulties, if that person happens to be you, do it for yourself.

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