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Quotes About Men and Love

StricktlyDating is an Australian writer who creates pages of original funny quotes and status updates.

Short quotes about men and love. 70 Quotes about the men we have loved, we haven't loved, men we have admired - or not! And the men we have set free.


Quotes About Men And Love

  • A man who truly loves you will never let you go no matter what the situation is.
  • Real men stay faithful. They don’t have time to look for another woman because they’re too busy looking for new ways to love their own.
  • Being a real man means you fight for one girl even when others are chasing you.
  • If another girl steals your man there’s no better revenge than letting her keep him.
  • Real men can’t be stolen.
  • A man has two options. Either stand up and be the man she needs, or sit down so she can see the man behind you.
  • A guy spends his time finding a girl to sleep with. A real man spends his time looking for the one worth waking up to.
  • Here’s to the boyfriends who still hold bags, open doors, tell their girlfriends they’re beautiful and show respect like real men.
  • A boy will tell you he loves you, but a real man will show it.
  • Don’t be afraid of losing the man who doesn’t feel lucky to have you.
  • There have been many great men that have flattered people who never loved them.
  • Real men never stop trying to show a girl how much she means to him. Even after he’s got her.
  • A woman’s got to love a bad man once or twice in her life to be thankful for a good one.
  • When women hold off from marrying a man we call it independence. When men hold off from marrying we call it fear of commitment.
  • Never let a good man slip away.
  • Men always want to be a woman's first love. Women always want a man to be their last.
  • Forget the men with the leather jackets and tattoo's. I'll take Prince Charming thank you very much!

Men Facts And Fiction

  • Married men live longer than single men.
  • A good guy will tell you you’re beautiful. A real gentleman will make you believe it.
  • Hundreds of men were turned into beasts by the magic of ale and cider.
  • Women spend more time thinking about what men think than men actually spend thinking.
  • Good men are like unicorns. Everyone talks about them but nobody has actually seen one.
  • Men are willing to respect anything that bores them.
  • Real men spoil their women.
  • A valuable man is one whose words and actions are the same.
  • Wise men go where fools dare to tread.
  • A quiet man is a thinking man. A quiet woman is usually mad.
  • Women are beautiful because of men.
  • A real man will always have time for his lady.
  • It's the task of a good man to help those in misfortune.
  • A good man can be stupid and still be good. But a bad man must have brains.
  • Wise men talk because they have something to say. Fools talk because they have to say something.
  • It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.
  • Men with good intentions make promises. Men with good character keep them.
  • Keep calm. There are still good men left.
  • A good man takes good care of his children, no matter what the relationship with their mother is.

Thoughts About Men

  • It seems the older men get the younger their wives get.
  • Some men would rather stay single because they’re tired of giving their everything and ending up with nothing.
  • A real woman can do it all by herself. But a real man won’t let her.
  • Men get along best with those woman who can get along without them.
  • The true measure of a man is how good he treats people.
  • Big men became big by doing what they didn’t want to do when they didn’t want to do it.
  • The difference between men and boys is the size of their toys.
  • Boys will break your heart. Real men will pick up the pieces.
  • Women always worry about the things that men forget. Men always worry about the things women remember.
  • A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them and strong enough to correct them.
  • Nothing will ever be achieved without great men, and men that are determined to be so.
  • I don’t understand men. I don’t even understand what I don’t understand about men.
  • Dear men, less talk more ACTION!
  • If you like a mans laugh before you know anything about him, you can confidently say he is a good man.
  • I feel grateful because I have a good man.
  • Believe that there are good men and women out there and you will meet them.
  • Men aren't necessities, they are luxuries.
  • Don't keep a good man guessing too long. He's sure to find the answer somewhere else.
  • No matter how good of a woman you are, you will never be good enough to a man who isn't.
  • Men must know their limitations.
  • If a man expects a woman to be the angel of his life, then first he must create heaven for her.

Funny Quotes About Men

  • Some men are like mascara. They’ll run at the first sign of trouble.
  • Men are like pantyhose, they either run, they cling, or they don’t fit right in the crotch.
  • Men say women should come with instructions. What’s the point? Have you ever seen a man actually read the instructions?
  • It’s not the men in your life that count. It’s the life in your men!
  • I don’t mind living in a mans world so long as I can be a woman in it!
  • If a man watches more than 3 football games in a row then he should be declared comatose.
  • As long as you know men are like children, you know everything.
  • A hard man is good to find.
  • Men are wonderful. Every girl should have one… or two… or three…
  • Let’s stop with all the ‘real men’ quotes and realise it takes real women to make things work, it’s not a one-way street.
  • Nice guys finnish last because they make sure their woman comes first.
  • All men are born free, and then some get married.

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Great quotes from you and so interesting.

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I like the quote about the unicorn. Real men are like mythological creatures. Nice collection.

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Love it ! :). Loving a woman is not easy work :). Just ask the hubby. Thank you for sharing

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Funny but true quotes strictly dating. I hope I pass the majority of what a 'real' and 'good' man should be. At least I Good hub, voted up.

Frank Atanacio from Shelton on July 21, 2014:

as a man..I love it.. these are so enjoyable to read :)

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