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To The Beautiful Girl Who Is Scared And Alone
Your Fears Are Over, I Give You The Throne
With Keys To The Kingdom And Anything You Need
You'll Sit Beside Me Equal,
My Queen You Will Be
I'm Rich With Emotion..But With No Queen To Share
Its A Lonely Kingdom..Dark With Despair

I'm Seeking A Bond That Is Ever So True
I'm Seeking Perfection
I'm Really Seeking You
Although You Aren't Perfect, I Think You're Perfect For Me
You're A Rare Soul To Find..
Happy We Would Be

I'm Not Perfect Either.. Isn't That A Fact
With Your Love Fueling Me.. I'd Be Complete
And It Wouldn't Be An Act
I Do Have My Issues Though, Which I Hope You Can Forgive
So We Can Be Happy In This World, In Love, And Just Live
Take The World By Storm And Burn It To The Ground
No Stronger Force Than Love Has Ever Been Found

My Very Best Is What I'll Do
My Very Best With Love So True
This I Promise, You May Not Believe
I Aim To Make You Happy
So You Never Want To Leave

I May Not Have Much, But I Offer It All
Hold You When You Cry
Pick You Up When You Fall
Make You Laugh And Smile As Often As I Can
Do Everything I Can To Make You Proud I'm Your Man

I'll Satisfy Your Needs, As You Will Do For Mine
I'll Put You On A Pedestal, Worship You, Build You A Shrine
I Know You Deserve All This, But, Are You Up For The Task?
I'll Give You Everything.. But In Return All I Ask
Is Loyalty, Devotion.. A Little Obedience Too
I Do Have Rules..Some,Yes,But Only Just A Few

It Might Not Be Easy, As I Have Issues With Trust
But With Your Help, Your Love
They'll Be Obliterated To Dust
Like The Ashes Of The World We Will Burn To The Ground
I Pray The Love I Have Searched For
Has Finally Been Found

Now You Know How I Feel, The Rest Is Up To You
To Look In Your Heart And Find The Right Thing To Do
You May Not Feel The Same As I, And That Would Make Sense
It's No Secret That
I Have A Habit Of Being Intense
But All My Words Are True
No Matter How Direct They Seem
I Will Honor You, Forever
I Want You As My Queen

© 2020 Mike