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Queen and King Story Before Marriage

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Kings life before marriage

When a king went out into the forest to hunt, he saw a beautiful deer. The king chased the deer but in no time, the deer disappeared and the king returned disappointed. That is when he heard someone talking and went and saw some birds sitting there. And were talking among themselves. Were saying Rani Rukmani is very beautiful. I have come from there. There is no example of his beauty. Then the king was about to ask who is Rukmini.

All the birds ran away from there when the king came to his house and asked his mother, who is this queen Rukmini. The mother replied that son, there is no Rani Rukmani in this area. From where did you know this thing, then the king said that some birds were talking. About the beauty of Rani Rukmani, then the king's father arrived there. And they said what birds were talking about.

The king said yes father, then the king's father said that no queen named Rani Rukmani is in this state. But the king was only stuck with one thing. That they have to see Rani Rukmani. And he took permission from his father and set out alone. Even his parents could not resist. While walking, some went away and then thought of resting on the banks of a river there. There the king drank water and opened his food bundle, then there was an ant in sweets.

The king placed the gatri on the ground and started going from there. Then the king of ants started calling. The king is very kind to you. If we can do any of your work then we will be happy. The king heard this and left from there. When some went to the forest, a bitter voice was heard from the forest. When the king went to see there, a lion was lying there in a wounded condition.

When the king got down there, he saw thorns carved in the legs of the lion. The lion said, you can remove the thorns of my feet, the king said, if I remove those thorns. If you eat me or not lion said no I promise I will not eat you. Then the king went to the foot of that lion. And when that thorn was pulled out, the lion shouted loudly. The lioness rushed there after hearing the lion's voice. The lionesses are killing the wildest king lion.

Then the lion did not say, he is not killing me, but he is helping us, he has removed the thorn in our leg. Hearing this, the lioness said king Saheb, whenever you need us, you will remember us, we will definitely help you a little in the forest. When you go away and go, you can see this little hut there was an elderly man in it, he was thirsty, the king gave him his share of water, then only the elderly said that I have no children.

I will give you three magical things today. So that you can do whatever you want. The first magic thing was the magic carpet from which the king could fly anywhere. After that the elder gave the magic sword. Atish's last magical swing would be given to the king by whatever swing he sought. The king sat on the magic carpet and said, Take me to the court of Rani Rukmani, after the king reached there, he inquired from everyone. Rani Rukmani peeks from her balcony in the evening.

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The king started waiting for the evening when the king saw the beauty of Rukmini fascinated by his beauty. And said with my magic carpet, take me to the queen's room and then go there and see that the queen looked more beautiful from close up. The king was not seen putting his hand in the swing and said from the swing, give out the most beautiful ring in the world. Rani wakes up holding hands like Rani Rukmani to wear a ring.

And started saying who are you, the king introduced himself and said, Rani Ruk Mani, I want to marry you. Said I want to marry Rukmini, Rukmini's father said, "Okay, but our three condition is that if you fulfill it, then I will give the hand of Rani Rukmani to your hand."

fine by me . The first condition was to remove 10 sacks of mustard oil in 1 day. The king fell into thought. Now what should I do, how did I get out, then he realized that ant can do this work very easily. Call the king ants, the ant reached there and after listening to the king, the ant got engaged in his work. In a while, 10 bags removed mustard oil. Rukmani's father was very happy when he saw that now was his second condition. Two demons lived in a cave. Both of those monsters had to be killed.

When the king reached the cave, he realized that the lion can do this work very easily. Then the king gave a voice to the lion and tell him all the things, the lion said, it is fine. I got my food too and your work will be done. The lion enters the cave and kills both the demons. Now the third condition was to cut a thick tree in two times.

Then the king thought about the magic sword and the king pulled out the magic sword, at once, cut down the tree from the fat. Then Rukmani's father was pleased and married Rani Rukmani with the king. So how will you tell the story by commenting, thanks to friends

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