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Puzzle of Life Lesson in Fitting in Learned in Creative Picture Book When Oliver Learns to Be Himself

Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Puzzle Pieces Teach the Life Lesson of Fitting In with Creativity in Picture Book

Creative picture book teaches life lesson of fitting in

Creative picture book teaches life lesson of fitting in

Oliver Learns that Being Oneself is the Best Way to Fit In

Oliver wants to fit in with everyone but he wonders how to go about it. Where can he find a place for himself in the puzzle of life? He wants to be a part of something exciting. How does being a pirate with a wonderful treasure sound? How about a wild and crazy guitar player? Or how about going out into space as an astronaut? Where is Oliver's place in the puzzle of life? Oliver tries to change the colors in his puzzle piece. The changes do not work well for him. He doesn't fit into any of the puzzle with the colors he chose. He tries to change the shape of his puzzle piece. This change does not go well either. Oliver decides that he should be more like all the other puzzle pieces instead of being himself. Oliver eventually disappeared altogether as he became like everyone else in the puzzle. He was invisible as he became the same as everyone else. Oliver was actually hidden inside the puzzle. He was sad that he couldn't be himself anymore. Being like all the others was no fun. Oliver came out of hiding and decided to go back to being himself. He found his real fit after learning to be himself after all. Oliver also discovered that being himself was a perfect fit after all.

Young readers will find this picture book engaging with the idea of a puzzle. Brightly colored puzzle pieces in each illustration teach the life lesson of fitting in by being yourself. Cale Atkinson's Where Oliver Fits is a fun read aloud for young readers who are learning to fit in where they want to belong.

Where Oliver Fits was published by Tundra Books, a division of Penguin/Random House and is recommended for ages 3-7. It has an ISBN of 9781101919071.

Colorful Illustrations add to the Appeal of Solving Oliver's Problem

Where does Oliver fit?

Where does Oliver fit?

Oliver wants to be something exciting.

Oliver wants to be something exciting.

Oliver learns that being oneself will find the place to fit in.

Oliver learns that being oneself will find the place to fit in.

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An Engaging Picture Book and Story to Teach Young Children about a Healthy Self-Concept

It is more important now than ever before to ensure that our children develop a healthy concept. Our society is filled with challenges in fitting in. We are a multicultural society and finding a place to fit in is increasingly difficult. Young readers will find Cale Atkinson's Where Oliver Fits to be an engaging story with this important lesson. Teachers will enjoy creating activities to enhance the story after reading with your class.

*Read Where Oliver Fits in a group story time reading session.

*Brainstorm ideas about Oliver, the little puzzle piece that wants to find his place in the puzzle. Where do the children think that he will fit? Oliver wants to fit into something exciting. Engage your class in a discussion of what each child would like to be and where would each child like to fit and find his/her place in the world.

* Call attention to the ways that Oliver tries to fit in. What happens when Oliver tries to change himself in order to fit in with the other puzzle pieces? Brainstorm with children about ideas that might not be a good idea when trying to fit in.

*How did the other puzzle pieces make Oliver feel bad about himself? Brainstorm with children in a discussion of how they might have felt bad after trying to fit in with a group that did not accept them.

*What conclusion did Oliver come to at the end of the story? Brainstorm with children about how they feel about themselves and what they like about themselves.

*Have poster board, markers, crayons, scissors and glue for children to create a puzzle. Teachers can make patterns for jigsaw puzzle pieces for children to use in creating a giant puzzle. Create a puzzle for children to work in order to find a plac for Oliver in their own puzzle.

Creating Healthy Concept in Children

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