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20 Purpose Quotes From The Pursuit of Purpose by Nadine Collins

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 "Pursuit of Purpose" by Nadine Collins,  Ph.D. published May 17, 2022.

"Pursuit of Purpose" by Nadine Collins, Ph.D. published May 17, 2022.

About the Book

The late Dr. Myles Munroe (1954-2014), evangelist and author, wrote extensively about purpose; at least eight of his books have the word “purpose” in the title. Rick Warren, pastor and author, sold millions of copies in different formats of The Purpose Driven Life, which was published twenty years ago. What else could be written about purpose?

Dr. Nadine Collins’ book The Pursuit of Purpose (312 pages), published in 2022 gives a unique spin on how purpose intervenes in our everyday lives to the point where instead of wondering about it, we identify it and consult it for the next step we plan to take. She has written the guide for the practical exercise, so she includes personal scenarios, how-to suggestions and motivation for those who intend to do likewise.

She divides the content into three parts:

Part I chronicles her earliest struggles beside her trust in God and confidence in her purpose. She not only survives, but excels.

Part II describes more ventures in spirituality and faith, which serve up some miraculous outcomes. Comparisons with others who operate without a sense of purpose make the reader decide to keep reading for proof that life partnered with purpose wins out.

Part III brings it all together—the outcome of her struggles, her risks, her faith and the assurance that her purpose has seated her inside the will of God where she is living a satisfied life. She ends with “mindset” tools to help readers find themselves, their purpose and their “wow” life.”

She believes that anyone can experience the same success and she shows how, by walking the reader through every aspect of her walk toward her destiny. Her story is interesting, provocative and enriching.

Dr. Nadine Collins, International Speaker and Author

Dr. Nadine Collins, International Speaker and Author

About the Author

Dr. Nadine Collins and her purpose were born in 1977, on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. At the time of writing her book, she has travelled to more than 70 countries, and is a global influence in the lives of thousands who are learning from her, how to live out their purpose.

Dr. Nadine Collins holds a PhD in education with an emphasis on administration in higher education. Her research focus is on women in top leadership positions. She holds a master’s degree in educational psychology and an undergrad degree in behavioral sciences with an emphasis in psychology.

20 Purpose Quotes

The following 20 quotes from her book are appetizers for the life-changing feast she serves in The Pursuit of Purpose, for those who want to "activate their full potential and uniquely impact the world.”

Prenatal Purpose

1. "Purpose, who existed before me, knew we were meant to be, so she latched onto my father’s sperm when it met my mother’s egg. Purpose saw I had some serious competition because there were millions of others in the race. . . She knew this was my race to win."

2. "Finally, I made it to the uterus. I had won my very first race with Purpose as my cheerleader."

3. "Before you were formed, God had your purpose already set apart, and it does not change with the circumstances of your life because your purpose goes back to your basics—literally!"

Observations on Purpose

4. "Many of us go through life looking for purpose in things, places, and people. . . But the truth is what we are really pursuing is an understanding of the fundamental things about ourselves. Deep within your heart, you are searching for the core of you."

5. "Prayer is the vehicle or tool that will usher you into your divine purpose."

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6. "Purpose does not always line up with degrees, positions of status and power, or even wealth—even though purpose can lead you to all of these."

7. "Purpose can show up anywhere. It is not concerned with you being a clean slate because God will use every experience of your life to take you closer to your divine purpose."

8. "Purpose takes you on a journey where you want to ensure you live out your ‘why.’ You want to be certain your ‘why’ impacts others, that your rai·son d'ê·tre (reason for existence) makes a difference."

9. "The truth is your purpose is always closer than you think. . . Hence in the pursuit of purpose, you do not have to do more. Instead, you can do less because what you are searching for is closer than you think."

"Choose purpose over prestige." -- Dr.Nadine Collins

"Choose purpose over prestige." -- Dr.Nadine Collins

Counsels on Purpose

10. "When you are serving others with your divine purpose, you operate with much greater ease. The assignments you will undertake will be done with joy and a great sense of peace."

11. "In the perfect timing of your life, God will direct you to your path of purpose and success. Don’t go ahead of Him because what may appear to be your disadvantage is God setting you up for the right time in your life to make the shift."

12. "One of the greatest threats to your purpose is indoctrination. . . If what you have been taught does not line up with what God says about you, you must begin to develop strategies to eliminate it or them."

13. "You will never live a life that is fulfilling, impactful, or even joyful until you live in your divine purpose, doing what you were created for."

14. "When you choose to be driven by purpose, you must understand people in your life may not understand or support the drive . . . Your personal mission, your divine assignment, and only you will have to one day give an answer for it."

15. "Choose purpose over prestige."

Specifically for Women

16. "Too many Christian women are engaging in the ‘right’ church-related activities, but it does not bring them joy, peace, and fulfillment. Why not? They are not living in their purpose."

17. "Many women have given up on their dreams, ignored the calling to their purpose . . . because they bought into the ‘poison’ that a woman’s place is at home."

18. "As women, we have been collectively ‘fighting’ to get out of the shadows to operate in our divine purpose. We must continue to hit on the glass ceiling . . . and get rid of it altogether as we do what we have been divinely designed and called to do because—purpose matters."

19. "Different types of fears are the reasons why so many women live ‘safe’ lives and operate within the status quo. . . Fear is an indicator of what you are supposed to be doing. So do it afraid!"

20. "You may have been socialized or indoctrinated to believe . . . you can only do certain things in life because of your gender. However, society or teachings are not your guide. God is!"

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