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Puppies, Teamwork, and a New Math Skill in Delightful Story and Picture Book From Hallmark Star Danica McKellar

Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Math Fun With Puppies and Life Lesson That Less Can Be Better Than More

fun read with a math lesson included

fun read with a math lesson included

Math Lesson Included With Puppy Trouble and a Values Lesson

Bestselling Author and Hallmark star Danica McKellar's new picture book and story Double Puppy Trouble is a delightful and fun read for young readers ages 7-10. Life lessons in making teamwork a part of success, sibling partnership, and the idea that less can be better than more are part of the story along with a math lesson in counting by 2's. Puppies make this an entertaining story for young readers.

Moxie is a big sister who is a lot of fun but she has a problem in needing more of everything. She discovers a magic stick that can make double of things and Moxie considers this to be a wonderful treasure. Moxie discovers that she can make two of anything that she wants. She doubled toys, bubbles, and even a ladybug. She doubled her books, cookies, and bracelets. She even had the wonderful idea of doubling her puppy Max. Then it happened-the button on the doubling stick got stuck and the magic stick kept doubling instead of stopping when she wanted it to stop. The puppies kept doubling and multiplying with the factor of 2. Puppies were everywhere. Those puppies were into everything from sliding down the banisters at home to getting into mischief with wearing Mom's and Dad's clothes. A surprise accident with her brother breaks the spell. Moxie and her brother clean up the mess and Mom and Dad are delighted to see the siblings getting along when they come home. Moxie learns the lesson that having a brother is good thing and that having more of something is not always a good thing.

McKellar is passionate about her love for teaching math to young children and the lesson of counting by 2's is the lesson that is included in Double Puppy Trouble. Number words that are factors of 2 are sprinkled throughout the story and number figures are also featured in the story. She also includes a fun math activity with lemons at the end of the story. Counting by 2's can make huge numbers.

The text for Double Puppy Trouble is written in rhymes for the language skill of learning to recognize rhyming words.

Josee Masse contributed her talents as an illustrator for Double Puppy Trouble. Colorful and large illustrations with all of the puppies are engaging as children will want to count the puppies as they double.

Double Puppy Trouble was published by Crown Books for Young Readers, a division of Penguin/Random House. It has an ISBN of 978-1-101-93386-2.

Colorful and Hilarious Illustrations for Double Puppy Trouble

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Bring Double Puppy Trouble Into Your Classroom for an Engaging Math Lesson

I often used picture books and stories to teach a math skill in my kindergarten and pre-kindergarten classrooms. Danica McKellar's Double Puppy Trouble is a great choice for teaching counting by 2's and numbers that are factors of 2's. Number words that name factors of 2's are sprinkled throughout the story and number figures of factors of 2's are included in the story.

Read Double Puppy Trouble in a story time session. Introduce the vocabulary word ''DOUBLE''. Introduce the concept of counting by 2's. Begin with 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 for young students and present the counting to higher numbers as the school year goes on.

Provide a math activity for children to practice the skill of counting by 2's with small colored squares to illustrate each number as they count by 2's. Provide a piece of drawing paper with the numbers by 2's and have children glue the correct number of small squares beside the numbers. Seeing the number of squares grow by 2's down the paper is a visual aid for students to see the doubling of the numbers.

Using lego pieces can be used as a group activity to have a visual aid in counting by 2's. Start with 2 lego pieces and count by 2's as the lego pieces double in numbers.

Meet the Author

Many people who are fans of Hallmark Christmas movies will recognize Danica McKellar from the movies. I have been a huge fan and am delighted to discover this new fact about her because I am a retired teacher. Danica is a bestselling author of children's math books and is passionate about teaching math skills beginning at an early age. Danica is a summa cum laude graduate of UCLA with a degree in math. She is also highly interested in the STEM education for girls.

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