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Poems and Proses By Briavry (PART 3)

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You are a traveler,

You wandered them,

But don't let them roam you,

I'm also a traveler, you know?

I traveled around you without letting you know.


You seemed to be dead.

Why don't you end it straight ahead?

It's killing you till your last breath.

It will win over you by your death.


Do you know that I am an overthinker?

For me, in life, that is important.

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That is required.

That is how you will learn every test and lesson in your life.

In the beginning, it will hurt you.

It will be painful.

You'll feel drowning like you can't breathe.

It will feel heavy.

But eventually, you will overcome it all because we have made to be strong.

We have made to face what we have to face.

We have made to overcome it all.

In the end, you will win.

You must.

Don't be overpowered by it.

It's always up to you if you want to make it better.

For me, overthinking is precious.

It made me stronger than I could think I could be.

For me, we have to do it in life to make ourselves better.

Better than who we are now.

That is something that we have to realize could be the healer of our pain, the answer to our questions, and something that could give us a good thing.

We usually don't realize that when we overpower the negative we think overthinking brings, it could be a good thing, and we would achieve a positive outcome.


It doesn't matter if you are a slow learner.

It doesn't matter if they learn faster than you do.

What's important is you are learning, and you want to do it.

What's important is you want to go through the process of it, and you have the progress in doing it.

It doesn't matter if you are fast or slow.

What's important is you are doing something to see your progress.


You are precious. That's what you have to remember.

Nobody can name your worth.

Nobody can give you a price.

Nobody knows how precious you are.

© 2021 Briavry

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