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Profit Wise: How to Make More Money in Business by Doing the Right Thing by Jeff Morrill

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Jeff Morrill wrote this book not to make money but to show the reader how they can make more money over the long term and to enjoy themselves along the way by focusing your company on doing the right thing. All the proceeds from this book are being donated to charities. This book was published this year by TCK Publishing.

His businesses include real estate, insurance, telecommunications, retail, and he is the co-founder of Planet Subaru.

What the Book is About

In this book, the reader will learn how to do the right thing in growing a profitable company by doing the following things:

1) Taking the high road to raise the bottom line

2) Defining Reality

3) Hiring

4) Leading the Team

5) Marketing

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6) Quality Customer Service

7) Negotiating

8) Making Decisions and Solving Problems

9) Making the Most of Your Time

10) Success for the Long Term

The author explains these things in chapters And in more depth.

What I love about this author is that he gives a website to go to get more resources. He mentions that he has so much more stuff to share that his publisher couldn't put in this book so he gives us a website that has the template, checklists, and more documents that can help the reader. The author mentions how he got started in his business and the steps he took to get where he is today. At the end of each chapter, are questions that he asks to make you think about your business. This book is full of advice and questions that one needs to think about and answer about their business.

Throughout the book, the author will ask many questions and give tips/advice and in a paragraph or two will explain what he means and what he did in his business. This is really insightful stuff and I will definitely use this in the future for my business.

I am recommending this book for people who want to learn how to make their business more successful and make money because this author owns multiple businesses that generate over 100,000,000 in annual revenue. He is more than qualified to teach us since he knows what to do. His companies have been featured in magazines like Entrepreneur Magazine, USA Today, and Automotive News. I am happy with this book.

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