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Private Library

I can not write
interesting poetry anymore; I look
back at the days, years ago, when
Whenever I dropped myself to write poetry,
words would flow genuinely from the computer
keyboard, and fill the LG monitor; those
days are gone by. I can
no longer write poetry.

I can no longer charge the winds, or the sun, moon, stars. . .
I can not charge them to speak
poetry to my ears.

My ear~drums now hear
the train engine — I hear the voice
of the driver in his cockpit — on the radio;
I hear the waves of the ocean, the flight
of the golden eagle by the bluish tanned
forest, by the edge of the open unobstructed skyline
of LA.

I like to taste new food these days. I always
loved German bakery foods; I love
Indian spicy foods; I love all types of foods!

I love to paint on Wacom cintiq; I love
to operate Microsoft Surface Studio; I love
to buy huge houses — I love to build a private
library — full of Goethe, Shakespeare, and
Immanuel Kant's books.


Tanmoy Acharya 100 (author) on February 06, 2021:

Ha ha, I too hope that. Thank you for stopping by.

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on February 05, 2021:

An enjoyable poem. I hope you can write "interesting" poetry again one day soon lol.