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Princess Briana Book Review: Uplifting Black Children With Empowering Stories

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Princess Briana by Yaba Baker

Princess Briana By Yaba Baker

Princess Briana By Yaba Baker

An Uplifting Tale for Black Children

As a black mother raising a young black man, I must find stories like Princess Briana to empower and inspire him. I recently came into contact with a beautiful story written by author and entrepreneur Yaba Baker. The story is thought-provoking, uplifting and inspirational, and I want to present it to you; maybe it will uplift and inspire your children.

The tale of Princess Briana is set in an abundant land called Eseryia in Africa. Briana is the daughter of King Criden and Queen Ayon. Briana is a bright, ambitious young lady, and her parents are loving, supportive and wealthy.

The story highlights the beautiful surroundings and the rich culture of the land of Eseryia. It is lovely to read stories that portray black families as wealthy and intelligent. This type of story is necessary for Black families. I wish that I had seen stories like this in my school library and bookstores when I was growing up.

Books that highlight positive Black main characters are paramount for the development and evolution of our children. Black children need bold, intelligent, wise and wealthy characters to look up to. It shapes them, inspires them and gives them hope.

Princess Briana is a well-thought-out story that emphasizes the beauty and abundance of black people.

One central theme in the story is the harmful influence of Eurocentric beauty standards on impressionable Black girls and boys. Also, the idea that success is only possible if you travel far and wide to Europe or other western lands is a prominent theme in the story.

Princess Briana experienced some of the challenges that I faced growing up in an all-white school. She battled with her identity as a young black female, and all she needed was a robust Black female role model to boost her confidence and encourage her to believe in her power as a young black girl.

The uplifting tale of Princess Briana is an empowering story of a robust, loving Black family set in the abundant land of Eseriya, Africa. It emphasizes the battles we face as a Black community and shines a light on the fact that strong, bold, and successful role models are vital when it comes to raising strong Black children.

Representation is fundamental, and the tale of Princess Briana contributes to the much-needed representation of intelligent, successful Black main characters. In addition, it highlights the fact that Black people need to build strong communities and continue to work together as a unit to create a solid and forward-thinking community of future change-makers and leaders.

Princess Briana is published and produced by Just Like Me World, an entertainment brand that produces content that features positive, Black characters to represent Black Children worldwide.

I highly recommend this book to all Black parents and aunties, and uncles searching for positive books for their young children.

Find out more about Princess Briana by visiting Just Like Me World.


manatita44 from london on September 01, 2021:

Beautiful! I'll pass it on. Gratitude

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