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Pretty Little Wife-(not) just another thriller "behind closed doors"

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How about a little drama?

I don't know what exactly is so appealing for the readers in the family drama and the so-called "not so perfect" family life but there it is - many books with such theme hold the attention of the public for decades (from the classic Stepford wives and its movie adaption, through the Big little lies, also with a brilliant adaption starring Reese Widerspoon and Nicole Kidman again and many, many more titles in the libraries and on screen). Maybe because the problem with the authoritarian husband abusing his wife behind closed doors never seems to disappear... Maybe because society becomes more open and talkative about it...Or probably many women see themselves as the main character and are still looking for answers and understanding. Or possibly we subconsciously love to know that every perfect life is in fact not so perfect but in contrary and it makes us estimate our own world, partner, family...


Same and different...

The last book I've read on the topic was "Pretty little wife" by Darby Kane. While I was a little bit prejudiced having read and seen loads of such books and movies, I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by the plot. It is a classic thriller telling the story of a young woman with a childhood tragedy having an abusive father and who happens to be married for the same type of abusive husband. While there is nothing surprising in the story itself, I was really impressed by the original way of how it's told. It was very interesting for me that we know the killer almost from the start, we see the villain's perspective, the decisions made even the reason, the motive... But of course like in every good thriller nothing is as it seems. I really enjoyed reading it, it was quite like watching a fast pace action movie and the end was very good too, which is especially important for me. Plus, it made me ask myself many questions of moral, ethical even religious nature.



So if you like C/T/H books, give it a shot and tell me what you think -does it make you a bad guy if you're actually trying to eliminate some bad guys?

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