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Predictions: The United States in 2050

So much has changed in my lifetime...

I was born before Kennedy took office as President. He was assassinated on my fourth birthday. By the end of the decade, we were on the Moon. Vietnam ended a few years later; and our country has continued to adapt and change constantly ever since. I still remember dime phone calls from a payphone, party lines, and even gas at 19.9 cents a gallon. Corner markets, kids playing outside, black and white television. Toys that could hurt you (glass popper knockers and metal tipped yard darts, anyone?) and a lifestyle that was better in hindsight than it seemed at the time, at least for me. I know not everyone had the same freedoms or life options I had but times seemed, well simpler. I witnessed the end of segregation and the beginning of many things I would never have imagined in a thousand years.

Today, I am concerned, even scared at times for the direction our country is heading in. Freedom of Speech, while spouted almost non-stop, seems only for some, not for all. The tide has shifted into a direction that is more desirable for a minority of people and less desirable for the majority of our population. Demands of acceptance preclude requests for equality for all. That is not my America. I have always, and will always, allow everyone to be who they desire to be so long as their decisions do not hamper my own. If they want to be someone else, or love someone else I do not care; just do not force that decision to accept your choice on me. Allow me the latitude I am allowing you.

In that vein of thought...

I wonder what our country will look like in another twenty something years, around the year 2050. So, here are some prognostications about what we might see, those of us who might still be around. I would have to reach 90 years old in order to witness this time, and I have my doubts about that. Those of you who are younger and in better health than I am might see some or all of this come to pass. Ready?

Here we go!

What will our borders look like?

Even today, we are being inundated by people streaming in illegally from our southern borders, seeking the Great American Dream. I wish they could see that dream died long ago. Jobs that pay a decent living wage, health coverage that is good and covers our health issues, housing that is affordable, and cars that are too have disappeared into the past.

Inflation has eclipsed our wage increase to the point where many have to decide on what to spend their wages on: food, housing, or utility bills. There is no longer a wage that normal people can earn and prosper, and college, once the golden egg for some, simply piles debt upon those who go to earn a degree in order to have a leg up on others. Then, those with degrees see the job market change so fast as to leave them in the dust with a worthless piece of paper and no job prospects.

So, what will our borders look like in 2050? Enter The United States of North America. Mexico will be brought in to our country, with the thirty two current states intact. Then, Canada will be invited in with its ten provinces and three territories. Puerto Rico will be added, bringing the United States to ninety six states. Talks will be ongoing with Cuba and the Dominican Republic/Haiti in order to add them as well as the Bahamas. Guatamala will make our country an even one hundred states and we will stretch from there to the Arctic Circle.

This will bring in more workers and allow corporations to have work done on the continent more economically than sending it to Asia, due to the high taxes on imported goods. There will be no more "illegal aliens" crowding our borders with the associated border patrol costs, incarcerations costs, and legal bickering that is simply time wasted.

Other changes

All cars will be electric, with hydrogen fuel cells in the early stages of acceptance. No oil will be imported or exported, and we will lead the world in the reduction of carbon footprints. Solar panels and wind turbines will provide electricity at a greatly reduced cost due to the improvements made in the next two decades, but the damage will be done to our environment. The Polar Icecaps will have diminished to the point of non-existence and the coastal land will be inundated with the additional ten feet to the current ocean levels.

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This will lead to a shift in the Atlantic Current, creating a new current leading a different weather scheme that creates a wind shift that allows more rainfall in California, Africa and allows a new heartland full of wheat and corn to thrive in areas that were formerly deserts.

Additionally, due to the worldwide limits on population expansion and the law of one child to each married couple, the world population will have decreased 15% from current levels. With the increased crops and diminished population, famine will be on the fall.

Sounds good, doesn't it? No more hunger, population issues, and border control? Well, there's more.

What else will happen?

Politics, politics is gonna change dramatically. No more Republican and Democratic parties, only Americans. All elections will be done electronically with the results compiled within minutes of the final bell. The President will be whoever receives the most votes, Vice President the second most. All state and local elections will be in the same manner and gone will be the millions upon millions of dollars wasted on campaigns of the past. Instead, a cheap, cost effective campaign based upon the candidates actual accomplishments will be waged online.

Health care will finally be state sponsored and available to all. Doctors will be paid a fair wage, hospitals will be the same as public utilities and owned by all. Illegal drugs will become legal, with locations for controlled access to them carefully administered. The cartels of Mexico will become the corporations of tomorrow, providing legal and clean drugs to those who are on the outskirts of humanity today. Taxes will be collected, of course, in order to provide these safe havens for those who feel they cannot live without the artificial escapes from reality. Once this occurs, many will find they really do not need this to survive and drug use will decrease significantly because it is no longer forbidden.


The United States of North America will lead the way to innovation, health and prosperity for the rest of the world. Other unions will begin to take shape in Europe, Asia and South America, with efforts in Africa to simplify the myriad of individual countries into a few larger unions of their own. With the increased health benefits and food readily available to the residents of the Dark Continent, they will come into the 21st century and take their place alongside the rest of the civilized world.

There will be a colony on the Moon, and forays to Mars in order to colonize it from there. Oh, and by the end of 2050, pigs will fly.

There you have it, my predictions for the year 2050. Damn, I am so glad I will not be here to have someone tell me I was wrong!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Mr Archer

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