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Impossible Love

almost noiselessly passing hours
of my life,
surrounded by a cry of silence,
it tears me apart.

I'm standing there, on the edge, alone,
I want to touch
your hand, You,
but I can not

I'm trying to call you
but my voice is quiet,
like a ghost
I am passing you by.

Hope dies with every awakening,
and occurs with every new dream
I exist where I'm gone,
and where I am, I do not exist.

I remain silent
listening to my quiet heartbeat,
that still beats just
for you, while I'm
waiting for a new awakening.


© 2014 Dream Lover

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Dream Lover (author) from Zagreb on March 15, 2014:

I'm glad you like it ;)

Al Wordlaw from Chicago on March 15, 2014:

Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed the read. Sounds sad but there is someone to love you as you are.

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