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Powerful tool..the Silence


I have been in situations when I have right to defend myself yet remained silent which solved so many problems and misunderstanding ..

Intentional silence!!


Peace through a silence!!

Powerful Tool..!

The science of silence says that: "Intentional Silence can be the moderate technique to handle most unsolvable situation and problems"

Silence is a tool, comes to our mind when we don't have words to express our emotions.

But that doesn't mean we are afraid to express them rather we tend to maintain peace,

Silence is a powerful tool displayed when things are getting out of hand, and it plays a role to have peace.

We are prone to the nature of reacting to others dishonest act, but that may not solve the problem instead silence can take its role

When we get agitated, remaining silent can turn things around, even when it comes to making peace with our enemies.

When people with high status and great power tend to misuse their power to fulfil their desire yet their end is in silence, nothing to carry with them.

Hence silence is powerful even when it is not visible and always wins at last!!!

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