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Positive Thinking

If you are really struggling to control your thoughts, it may be worth seeing a professional counselor help you uncover and disarm the so

Positive Thinking Positive Outcome


Positive thinking is a process of controlling your mind through mental visualizations, mental affirmations, focusing on your good qualities, harnessing your inner strengths, and developing a confident and optimistic pattern of thinking. Positive thinking is an approach to life. It's a way of living your life with confidence and victory, instead of feeling overwhelmed and overwhelmed. We all have problems. Positive thinking does not deny that there will be all kinds of hardship in our lives. Positive thinking says these tests won't beat us. Think about how easily we feel overwhelmed by our circumstances. The more we remain in misery, the more the problem gets worse, until it becomes massive and worsens. In Keeping we thought that under control and by emphasizing our strengths or the positive of a situation, Norman Vincent Peale in his free, The Power of Positive Thinking, affirm that we "will get out of any difficulty, whatever they may be.

Even when you believe in God, you have his great strength to lean on. As Pastor Rock Diliman of the Allegheny Center Alliance Church in Pittsburgh often says, "You plus God equals the majority." And the Bible asks in Romans 8:31: "If God is for us, then who is against us?" The same power that God used to create the universe is available to those who believe in him and spend time in his presence. Isaiah 41:10 is a Bible verse that helps me with serious problems:

So don't be afraid, because I am with you;

Don't be dismayed, because I am your God.

I will strengthen and help you;

I will support you with my right hand.

It is not uncommon for me to recite this verse dozens of times a day. This verse reminds me that God is with me and that he is mine. His precious words tell me that He will give me the strength I need and help me and that His powerful hand will be there to support me and achieve the right outcome.

Is positive thinking easier said than done? Being human isn't easy. But what seems extraordinarily easy to humans is to let our minds wander the path of despair and helplessness. Our mind naturally appears negative, so we must make a conscious effort to be positive. To combat our fears and insecurities, we must attack them with thoughts of trust, belief, and security.

My favorite author of positive thinking is Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. Much of what I have learned about how to turn fear and defeat into confidence and triumph, I have actually learned from your many books, articles, and brochures. Here are ten suggestions from Dr. Peale's The Power of Positive Thinking to jump-start your positive thinking process:

Develop a positive mental image of yourself by succeeding in any challenge you currently face. Hold this image. Your mind will try to make the image become reality.

Negative thoughts come to your mind. Be prepared to answer them with positive thoughts.

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Sometimes we undermine disproportionate obstacles or challenges, and we have to deflate them to see them as they are. Don't let your fear blow them up; Instead, try to boost your confidence.

Never waste time comparing yourself to someone else. Every person is unique and no one on Earth will be as good as you. Focus on your good qualities and work on turning your weaknesses into strengths.

It can help you repeat dozens of times a day, starting with Romans 8:31, "If God is for us, then who is against us?"

If you are really struggling to control your thoughts, it may be worth seeing a professional counselor help you uncover and disarm the source of these deep-seated feelings.

Also repeat ten times a day from Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me."

Develop healthy self-esteem. Consider your skills - humbly and honestly recognize the skill level you've been given, and increase that estimate by 10% just in case.

The power of God is available to all of His people. Take advantage of that power. Put yourself in His capable hands and believe that you are receiving all the strength you need to meet all of life's demands. He really believes his strength comes from Him.

Know that God is with you and that NOTHING can defeat him. God alone is enough to provide for your needs.

But there is another side to this concept of positive thinking. What we think happens to us, we draw to ourselves. Our thoughts are extremely powerful. In the book Your Subconscious Mind, author Joseph Murphy explains that when we plant seeds (thoughts) in our subconscious mind, our incredible brains work to make those thoughts a physical reality, be they good or bad thoughts. The subconscious mind accepts all thoughts. It does not expel harmful thoughts or clings to beneficial thoughts. This keeps them ALL without any arguments. And the subconscious mind is very sensitive to suggestions, so be careful what you feed your mind with. Murphy goes on to explain that the subconscious mind doesn't pick and choose, it just takes what is given to it. So the subconscious mind tries to convey these thoughts. Work harder to control your thoughts. Murphy strongly suggests that by controlling your thoughts, you determine your fate.

God suggests in Philippians 4: 8, "All that is true is noble, that is righteous, that is pure, that is beautiful, that is admirable, whether it is excellent or worthy of praise," think of such things. . Clearly, God knew that our thoughts would cause us problems and that we needed to discipline them. If the thoughts do not meet the standards of Philippians 4: 8, delete them immediately.

In the same sense, another good book is You Are What You Think by David Stoop. Compare our thoughts to the way we talk to ourselves. He calls it "self-talk." In essence, we talk about things. We determine whether we will have a good or a bad day based on the conversations we have in our heads. It also suggests that we should keep the mind and observe what we think. Stoop points out those events in our lives do not dictate our feelings, emotions, and behavior, but rather our thoughts. Do you want to change your life? Control your thoughts. Do you want to be different today from yesterday? So think differently today. It is easy? Can't be done? Absolutely! You have the choice. After all, these are your thoughts. Have you gotten your thoughts under control? Can you share a way that you have found that you can keep negative thoughts out of your mind or replace negative thoughts with positive ones? Leave a comment that will be helpful to others.

“The way to happiness: Keep your heart free from hate, your mind from worry. Live simply, expect little, give much. Scatter sunshine, forget self, think of others. Try this for a week and you will be surprised.”

— Norman Vincent Peale, The Power of Positive Thinking

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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