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What is the Positive Thinking ?

I am a writer of poems short stories and short articles on the feeling of nature.


"Think positively you will never lose because positivity always wins."

"Positivity is to find goodness even in bad condition."


Human thoughts are both positive and negative. A positive thought blessing and negative thinking curse us as.

This is because a person can have a good understanding of the sincerity of nature, which is why they have a deeper affection for the unseen creature, that is positive thinking.

  • Positive thinking stove negative self-talk to reduce stress.
  • Positive thinking empowers us to believe our self.
  • Positive thinking helps with stress management and can even improve mind fullness. It optimism into our life and make it easier to avoid worry and negative thinking. Like giving, trust, happiness, joy, kindness, diligence, creativity, peace, etc helps us to positively charge mankind at every time.


  • Blessings grow the positive thinking. Blessings help us to move forward in life. Blessings help us move forward in the direction of innovation by eradicating doubts and bad influences from our minds. Therefore, the hand should always be raised to bless, not to slap others.


  • Positive thinking is related to hope. People are often seen splitting up in the way of life. This is because of the fear of not being able to reach the goal, but I think to reach the goal, one has to think positively and strive till the goal is achieved.


  • Love is the energy of positive thinking. A task that cannot be done by force, can be accomplished quickly if it is done with a single effort.
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  • At present time the whole world is in a state of warlike situation. To spread their dominance, they have done a lot of harm to themselves and other people, and nature. As a result, we suffer from time to time. So everyone should try to build a new and peaceful world with a positive thought in mind.


  • Creativity is one of the most important parts of human life. The creative person is more important than the destroyer. From ancient times to the present, that is, from zero to today's world of technology, it becomes possible for all creative minds. Positive thinking can change the world with a creative mind. Due to COVID-19 whole world is under lockdown and stops all businesses, governmental activities which results in an economic slowdown. In this situation, some people have been drawn into their lives. They think thoughts of abundance and wealth. So they are creat and made a new world - they are made themselves as an owner on own business.

We need to have deep faith in our minds. Belief in yourself, your work, to God needs to keep.


  • Positive thinking requires a supportive mindset. We all must lead the way with the spirit of non-violence. A country develops as a good citizen because a child supports a parent at home and a teacher at school.

The benefit of positive thinking:-

  1. Our goal is clear for positive thinking.
  2. Positive thinking eliminates arrogance, pride, disbelief, etc.
  3. We are surrounded by positive energy for positive thinking.
  4. Our attitude towards positive thinking changes.
  5. Positive thinking also plays an important role in physical development.

I believe that if everyone thinks deeply maybe the day will not be far off when the new generation will move towards creation and establish happiness in the world.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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