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Positive Inspiring Messages of Hope and Encouragement

Writer of a series of inspiring, positive messages of hope and encouragement in the form of fiction and non-fiction books

Messages of Hope and Healing

Positive inspiring messages of hope and encouragement can come in many forms, including both fiction and non-fiction formats. Even subjects that might appear to be negative can have uplifting messages. An example of this might be:

  • a book on cancer, where the emphasis is on natural alternative treatments that have been used by many, either individually, or in conjunction with mainstream treatments.
  • To those who are affected by seemingly insurmountable diseases, the knowledge of natural foods and treatments that have been used throughout the ages might present messages of hope and healing at a time most crucial in maintaining their positive attitude.
  • That positive attitude in itself plays a big part in the healing process.
Even in the darkest moments, a beacon of hope may appear.

Even in the darkest moments, a beacon of hope may appear.

Messages of Comfort and Hope

Messages of comfort and hope might also appear in other non-fictional works, such as:

  • self help books and even self survival manuals that give very simple and effective ideas for dealing with emergency situations, preparing for or dealing with life-threatening situations.
  • The possibility of natural disasters might seem a negative subject, but simple methods to help prepare for such events often raises the spirits and the confidence to deal with those situations, should the need arise.

Sources of Thought Provoking Quotes About Hope and Strength

Some readers search for a list of specific quotes. However, there are also empowering books in the guise of fictional stories that are full of wise and inspiring quotes,

  • they are often presented in the dialog of the main characters in the story.
  • they can provide an added bonus for the reader who, along with enjoying the storyline, is often pleasantly surprised to find uplifting messages that are relevant to their own lives.
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Take, for example, a reminder about the power of thought to bring about positive change in our lives.

  • Many people underestimate the power they possess to attract positive outcomes to any situation, whether that is a health related issue, personal or global or family crises that is causing concern.
  • we’re talking here about the power of positive thought and visualisation to help bring about positive change in our personal lives or on the global stage.

Is the Future Preordained or Can We Change It?

Some might think that things cannot be changed, that the future is preordained and we have no power to change it. Whether that is so, or not, our attitude to any given situation is definitely within our control - and that’s where the power of positive thinking comes into play. Where one person might be devastated by an event, another might see it as a life lesson and an opportunity to grow from the experience.

  • Sometimes messages of hope and encouragement can be presented in the most unexpected ways. An example of this might be a sci-fi story.
  • On face value, such a book, particularly a science fiction story, might not initially register with readers as anything but an entertaining storyline.
  • The addition of an environmental message about how each of us, in our own way, contribute to the outcome of our future world, can help bring about hope for our future.

How many books available today play on negativity and sensationalism, the seeming injustice of our world? In contrast, how many books leave the reader feeling uplifted and empowered?

This comes down to the personal choice and writing style of the author. Even very serious and seemingly negative subjects can be presented in a thought provoking way that offers hope and encouragement, leaving the reader feeling uplifted, positive and empowered.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2022 David Gaughan

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