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Pondering on The “acpeo" Issue and My Late Night Thoughts.

Scratching the itch of curiosity to find reasons beyond the things I start to question and wonder more, and learn from realizations.


Long Post Ahead!!! I hope you would still take the time to read it. Thank you for understanding.

Part One.

Due to the incident of content stealing, many authors have been thinking;

“Will I still continue to write here in HubPages? Knowing my articles are being copied on other websites and people are benefiting from it. ” They are earning from the content that they do not own. But technically claims, it’s theirs. Or maybe “ I might not be posting new articles here from here onwards until this issue gets resolved.” Remember why you started writing, what’s your goal, and what’s your sole purpose.

I understand that some articles may not get published because of this issue of instantly copying articles from a website that smells fishy and sketchy. But as I can see, this person knows and is reading what we are thinking of their website. Imagine his website used to be a gourmet webpage but the content tells otherwise. He upgraded it and made it seem more believable. He tried posting recipes now and make it seem a legit gourmet webpage. Pretty impressive. But the articles stolen are still lying around there somewhere. He still haven’t taken them down yet.

He is getting some ideas from the forum made, and been thinking strategies to getaway with his petty crimes. Thanks to us authors, we have given him the idea to fix his website in a smarter way so we won’t suspect that much, and that are allegations will stop. He certainly knows how to listen to things that will benefit him, but not to the things that will put him in danger. Kinda like a stubborn child that’s a spoiled brat. He knows how to frustrate people to the core, and we are giving him that satisfaction and joy.

The more we visit his website to check if our articles are again stolen without our knowledge. the more he benefits from it. Cause more visits of his website means he is likely to earn more as well.

We are actually helping him benefit more by checking on his website gradually. Rather than teaching him a lesson. It was a clever move to use others content and articles, in his website. He knows that if these authors noticed it, they will keep checking the website. Again more visit of the webpage, the more he will benefit from it.

I’ve checked also the IP Address of the website, and it leads me to a Polish news webpage. Besides Acpeo, there is a site called PyschoEffect which will redirect you to a Polish Website. It talks about the current events of Ukraine People fleeing to Poland and other news as well regarding the current war between Ukraine and Russia. Acpeo and this PsychoEffect uses the same IP Address and the server’s location shows somewhere in Cyprus. A country in Middle East. Which is more suspicious isn’t it?

You’d think of the owner of the website coming from UK because the website features a chef from London. The website itself is really sketchy and mysterious. But pretty much clever, if you think about it.

It was designed as such so people will dig themselves into it, wasting their time figuring out the dirty tactics going on around such a webpage, and he is just there watching in shadows, laughing on us as we make a damn fool of ourselves. The developer of the webpage is pretty smart I can say at the very least.

But I really wonder, what kind of person is behind all these. What kind of life is he living and if he is alright at any cost or circumstance. A person that needs this much of attention surely have some psychological or pyschiatric problem. I know because I’m the type that loves to observe and study the nature and behavior of people. I have also involved myself into studying some psychological facts and diseases. Even Mental Disorders and Changes in Behavior and Personality of a person.

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I mean for people to do such heinous crimes, something must have triggered them to do so. A driving force that have encouraged them. Might have been the only way to get away with everything they are going through. I know it’s frustrating and annoying to have your articles plagiarized and stolen without your knowledge because you have exerted an effort and time constructing it and thinking of the right words to say requires a lot of time. Another frustration is that when you can’t seem to publish it at a niche site because it has already been flagged as someone has copied it or that what you have written have already been stolen by someone else, claiming its theirs. The problem is that, even if you are the original author of the article, the one who posted it and published it first, that’s how HubPages will decide who has plagiarized the article. God, I’m so being honest here, I’m forgetting the sole person behind all these will be reading this too. I’m giving out ideas again. Such a fool. LOL.

Part Two.

But seriously, to You behind all these articles being posted in Acpeo that you are retrieving from HubPages without our permission and knowledge. Without giving us proper credits. And you using your email as if really claiming that you are the one who wrote it. Oh and I see you stop pasting the author’s name with the copyright symbol isn’t it? You are gradually learning from your foolish mistakes. You learn that from us authors, can’t you at least thank us for that? We are teaching you values here, and some hacks to do your crime flawlessly. so you know, you won’t get caught in your own trap that you are creating.

Or is it, you are calling a cry of help? Is this your way of letting people you know, that you needed some help within yourself? Is this the only way to express how you are feeling and to describe what has been happening to you? Sometimes excessive desire of seeking attention, calls for a warning sign. Especially if the person goes into an extra mile such as these ones. Even if they know so well that it’s bad, even if they know that it’s against their conscience and their will, sometimes they just don’t have a choice. They don’t know how to deal with their bigger problem that has been lying around within them. They might not be even aware cause these people are the type that denies everything that you tell them. They would only stick with the information they know, and they won’t be open to digest further new information you’d like to tell them. Why? Because they are already overwhelmed and drowning with ‘that’ problem they have within themselves that can’t seem to resolve. They don’t know how to resolve it because first of all, they don’t want to acknowledge it, second, they don’t wanna think about it. Or maybe it doesn’t occur or sink into them yet. Some people would acknowledge it and they know themselves that they do have a problem, but would not want to do something about it. Thinking it is not their cup of tea.

They would deny it so much that they are already fooling themselves. Lying to themselves that everything is fine. They have this mindset that “Whatever others think that something is wrong with me, they should be telling that to themselves. Nothing is wrong with me, they are the ones who have a problem. If they have a problem with me, for being who I am, it’s their problem not mine.”

The problem with this mindset is that, the person is not open for growth and change in character.

He have made himself believe that whatever he is doing is normal, and whatever he does is right.

He doesn’t care if it will be a bothersome for others. If it will cause trouble to others. If it will harm others. If it will hurt the feelings of others. Being completely insensitive and just doing whatever he wants accordingly. What he wants, he gets. And this is something that you should be consulting a professional to further analyze the change in your behavior and personality. Especially, if you are already causing so much trouble and nuisance to the society or to your community. This is something that should be addressed and not left untreated or unnoticed.

Kind of like you have taken a drug that’s so addictive. And you just can no longer go back to your usual sane self. I may have over analyzed things but isn’t that how writers are? Sometimes we tend to overthink a lot of things. Try to understand and see various perspectives of how stories are written.

Every person have various perspectives and how they want their story to be narrated. At a first glance, when you see someone on your peripheral view, sometimes we instantly judge their lifestyle, their social status, their job, where they are headed to, what attitude will they show you if you approach them suddenly, and more. Typically, creating a story already about the person we just saw. If the person really has made an impression to you just by their appeal and how you have seen them, maybe how they dressed, you’d be thinking about them more deeply. You know that one person in the crowd, that will just standout naturally on a glimpse from afar. Who knows, you might even start writing a poem about that encounter or a short story. Or calling your friend and then telling him or her about that one random person from the crowd that caught your attention. Sometimes, you might be even thinking about it up until night before you sleep. Just look at you now, perhaps there is one person that suddenly registered in your mind. You’re smiling because I’m somehow 80% right and accurate. And now you are asking yourself how could I have done that, right? That’s just so silly. So silly that I was writing a serious matter here and now I just made someone smile. What a turn of events!!!

Part Three.

Going back to what I was saying, every person have their own story to tell that we don’t know about.

As authors and writers of this generation, we serve as storytellers of any kind. We serve as voices for those who can’t speak for themselves. Help them express their emotions and feelings that they can’t do so well on their own. We transcribe almost everything in what we write. Feelings, emotions, what we see, what we hear, what we smell, even the intuitions and gut feel of the characters should be well described. Imagine writing about how characters in a fictional story dreams of something. And in that dream, he dreams about dreaming too in his sleep. You have to create another storyline for dreams, flashbacks, foreshadows, and even a plot where there are scenes when you have to show a video in a story. Say a video that went viral, you have to narrate what happened there and why it happened. You also have to create a story for pictures that will be used in a script. For proofreaders out there, they do a lot more of work. If you have houses and structural buildings in your book or stories, they would have to check if the structure is accurate and realistic. Going strict with the measurements and how will it look like if the house or building was really to be built like in stage plays. If the plot is somewhat historical, they would have to look back on historical references. Like in national libraries, interview people that may have knowledge about it, just to make sure that even if it’s fictional, it’s close to the truth and seems logical. I have learned all these in a Japanese Television Drama called “Pretty Proofreader”.

Even the time and schedule of the train should be accurate. Writers do not just write. They’ve got a lot of things to consider. But have to make it understandable and easy to read. They must still be able to relate with their target readers and audience. Because I believe as an author and a writer, connection and relationship with your audience and readers is more important than anything else. The interaction and connection between the authors and its readers can go a long way. It builds a relationship in which you’ll eventually see how effective you are as a writer and how much of a great impact you can do to the lives of others with just the use of your words. Like Video Content Creators, or Vloggers, they might just be one day posting a random vlog for fun and entertainment, but as days passed, it has become their calling and purpose. What seem nothing to you, maybe something for someone else. What you think maybe nonsense and what may seem just blabbering some random at a video with your words distorted, not even sure if it’s making any sense as if reciting a monotonous impromptu speech, maybe who knows, a wake up call for others, an inspiring message, a sign someone has been waiting for, a piece of advice that might change a person’s life completely, and so much more possibilities.

What you are writing now, or making a content about, can reach millions sooner or later.

At first, you might just get 10 to 20 views thinking it’s discouraging and that your content won’t make a difference or people won’t buy it.

But remember, there are people going viral just doing something random in their lives in a span of a 1 minute video.

What they thought would just be nonsense, and people won’t take it seriously, gathers 1 million or ten million views in no time.

Even a simple forum discussion, can make someone change their mind and re-think their decisions in life.

There are things I might have mentioned here that one of you may think, “Yeah. I was wrong about that. My bad. Will soon work on it.”

On the other hand, one would think, “ What on earth is this author saying?, Couldn’t really tell what she wants to prove or say.”

Well, just one thing for sure, you wouldn’t reach this point of the article if I haven’t caught your attention and made an impression to you. You wouldn’t be reading up to this point if you thought I was just blabbering some nonsense. So thank you for reading and giving your time for me. I feel so honored and pleasured.

Part Four.

I really try to see the good in everyone at any rate. I know it’s hard and difficult but who knows, when everyone is already throwing you some eggshells and hard as stone slices of bread, just because of a misunderstanding and by everyone believing in a lie without even trying to analyze the situation first, there must be a person out there that must understand and see the bigger picture of the problem. We don’t know his intentions of doing these, but there must be some reason. I’m not trying to take sides, as he has stolen my article too. But, it also got me thinking, maybe I judged him too early? Maybe I am misunderstanding something? Did I get overboard with my frustrations and emotions? Who knows we might be accusing him something that it wasn’t really his intentions and plan on doing.

I was supposed to be writing a poem about this issue and it has suddenly become a TedTalk Speech.

Another ‘What a turn of Events!!!’. Maybe I should just call this article a “What a Turn of Events” inspired word prompt. Lol. When will I be able to stand at a TedTalk Stage? That would be interesting.

But I hope by that time I have overcome an extreme fear of standing on stage and me stuttering to every part of the line I should be saying.

Maybe someday, it would be my turn to be at the screens, talking something nonsense at a tedtalk that students would watch and then be sleeping their heads of in class. Then, I’ll be like changing my supposed script into something like, “You know, dear students who are watching this TedTalk right now, if a professor asks you to watch a TedTalk and you just wanna sleep, ask your professor to reschedule it. And just let you sleep, get some peace of mind, rest, you know, do what’s good for your mental health. ” I wonder if the professor will still give you a passing grade after requesting that. Sleep or get a failing grade! Choose your decisions wisely. But seriously, if most students will just be sleeping in class, you are wasting electricity! Big Time. And as a professor, what are you doing exactly? It is your duty to get their attention, make them pay attention, and keep their spirits alive! If everyone in the world is tired of what they are doing for example you as a teacher, and them your students as students, the world will fall apart! One has to adjust and make a move, when you got nothing to eat, remember to always eat your pride!

With that, TedTalk may not invite me anymore. LOL. Why this has gotten into TedTalks? I also don’t know why. Please bare with me. I’m still a growing child transitioning to a more reliable adult of the society. I’ve got a lot of things in my mind that has been suppressed for a long time. If I jump from one topic to another, that is usually completely not related to one another, just understand. Like how teachers, grandparents, parents, would listen to a child. And just like how a child would listen to a sick elderly, that got lots of stories to tell too. They are just reluctant because they know how busy you are and how much time you can only spare for them.

I guess that’s much it for a 2 cups worth of coffee that’s 500ml each.

I don’t know how to wrap this up anymore or how to end it.

Part Five.

I hope I was able to relay a message here and made some sensible points.

Most importantly, I hope you have learned a thing or two here.

To you, if you are planning to copy this again on your website. Please feel free to do so.

Just bear in mind, you terms and conditions tells “not to republish, repost an article, duplicate an article, that you do not own. ” I hope that sinks in to your core as well. Because, ironically, if it isn’t obvious yet, that is what you are doing to our Articles!

Ka ‘gigil’ !!!

And to my co - authors and hubbers in HubPages, let us continue to do our roles and purpose as writers. To educate, to inform, give awareness, make a difference, be a catalyst of change, persuade and inspire others, and be a constant reminder, to always do what is right with the sense of morality. Teach people what they should know and be learning about life. Sometimes, one just needs someone to remind them of what is the right thing to do, because they are getting blinded with the evil acts they are being influenced to do. Let us not add fuel to the fire, and think of a revenge out of anger and frustration.

If you would teach someone a lesson, do it properly. That by doing so, you will leave a mark on their head and on their lives. You didn’t have to stoop low on their level and play games with them the way they want it. You should think someone that’s above. One that knows what is right and wrong. One that is mature enough to handle childish acts and stubborn ways to get someone’s attention. They can be manipulative but you must have to be stronger than them. Find the core of their weakness. It is usually deep within their hearts. They are trying to fill in a deep void or hole within their hearts. It is a psychological wound from the past that hasn’t been resolved yet and has been affecting his life at present greatly.

Fighting back would feel great but it would just be temporary. You won’t feel happy as much for so long.

Because that isn’t what you really wanted for the person who have hurt you and for you as well.

But teach him something that he will be reminded of for the rest of his life, some sort of wisdom and life advice that would sound sensible to him, somewhere close to his comfort grounds, relate to him, and he will forever be grateful to you and remember you for all his life. That’s when a person may change his beliefs and attitude towards you, because one way or another, you have touched his life that he has never imagined to happen. Even if you are the one who has been aggrieved or the victim, imagine what would he think, if you still managed to think about how you can help him improve his life for the better? Instead of getting mad at him, imagine how he would react if you give him a piece of advice that will change his attitude towards life, teaching them that there’s still time to change for the better, to make up for the wrong things you did in the past, and to be a better person of the society. I think that is one major roles writers and authors play in a society. Especially, in this modern day, where people are so hooked with their smartphones, reading everything they see online. Words are important. It can reach billions from borders to borders of cities, provinces, countries, and who knows all over the world.

So Always choose to be better and kind.

Your choice of words in whatever you publish and write will certainly have an impact to every soul that will be able to read it. Make sure to write it beautifully that is worth of their time. And that they will always learn something from it.

If it has made an impression to others, people will start to quote a few lines of what you have said, disseminate it to others, and in no time your words will be spread in various parts of the world.

You’ll be remembered for the wisdom, knowledge, and pieces of advice you have shared. You might just have written it in the four corners of your bedroom, not knowing how far it will reach others, but soon enough, it will reach lots and lots of people.

So just keep writing. Believe in yourself. Continue to make a difference. Inspire others. Continue to tell stories that only you can see and hear.

And just like this article, you’ll be surprised along the way how much of a change and progress you have imparted/contributed to the world.

Keep going, and fly high!

Heads up, better days will still come.

Never lose hope until your last breath, there’s still be hope.

Have a blessed day.

Keep your stamina and immune system strong.

Stay safe always.

I don’t know what to say anymore.

So I guess it’s the end of this late night thoughts for today.

Take care.

Until then,


This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2022 Gianella Labrador

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