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Poetry of Heart

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Short poterys


We loved it so much,
He bewailed us so much.
This much I will tell about love, sir
Never pass through the streets of love.


Even today, tears are shed from my eyes,
Do not let me understand that I remember you in my thoughts


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I was in love with that person
He always wants to be happy with God.
Even though he betrayed me in love,
But even today I want him very strongly.
Whether he loves it or not, it is his wish sir
But I want to love him all my life.


I am crying through crying
And you are spending your days there.
I do not agree defeat here, love me
And you are celebrating our separation there.


Never thought I would get such a separation,
Infidelity will be found even after so much love.
Let them go today, but they will cry a lot that day,
The day they will get news of my departure from this world.

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