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Poetry 1: In My Dream

ADVICE: Don't make your life complicated. Don't expect much from life. Be simple.

Poetry 1: In My Dream

INTRODUCTION: A few people have an aim in their life and others are just living. Those who have an aim in life accept challenges but others don't. Those who don't accept the challenges of life surround themselves with tensions and unbearable traps which makes life a sound without rhythm. This poem gives you a glance at the problems and tensions one face when they don't have an aim in their life. People without aim goes through a lot of illusions and frustrations which is practically intolerable.

ADVICE: Don't make your life complicated. Don't expect much from life. Be simple.


On the bank of a dried-up river
I reached to entertain the rife fever
All the way, I prayed to God
Help me, help me, I am not a clod.

I cried for
The band-aid I never amass in the yore.
Virtue in me, that I slew
How to undo? Still it is due.

I felt, nowhere the safety lies,
I am in peril, all hope dies.
I pray whoever controls me
Kill the worries inside me.

For grief, I implored relief
No one replied, no belief
I was crying, crying vain free
I slept under a dry old shady tree.

I felt a bump of bracing air
So I used silent snare
To capture my next worry
But a peaceful voice says 'sorry'.

Who says, who says, I mumbled
Nothing turned to me, I was disabled
I looked stretched far away
I saw nothing but the dry bay.

Long after
I saw a sign of war
A black shadow covered my three side
Cool white rays landed with a moon besides.

I was shocked too
Soon the dried-up river splits into two
A beautiful throne came out
Moon rays greeted it with a civil shout.

I was wondering
What is happening?
Midday turned twilight
Something happened very right.

The throne talked when
The situation changed all of a sudden
An enjoyable scene created all around
And made a space for the mystery sound.

The throne says
You became hays
Of devil cattle
Who wants no settle.

You turned your back
And wore a sack
Which contains misguided orbit
And unapplied merit.

You wish to get gold by dozing
You have one more chance, the sun is rising
By your work, take your dream gold
Work hard to be bold.

Do you want me?
See the hard workers, see
They believe to get me
So they work hard, see.

They fight against all bore
Though it matters or be it sore
They always keep extreme patience
They always keep a high sense.

If their dream lets them sleep
If their pain lets them weep
Be witness o lord thee
No one can win me.

I am a thousand feet underground
Track me via your inner sound
You are on the surface
Dig me out, go for a chase.

Who are you? I roared
how dare you talk hard
leave me alone and let me mourn
I am unsuccessful and not grow.

I will die I swear
I don't deserve to live here
My pain replaced my brain
Now I am nothing but pig's drain.

Wait, the throne says
Are you a slave of nasty days?
Do you think dark don't change to light?
So what about day and night.

Never give up
Never break the ancient cup
Grow green leaves on the dry tree
Let the light set you free.

I was still under the old tree
When I woke up, I see
The fever touching its highest peak
I was never been so sick.

The old tree needs water
To go green later
The dried-up river became sad
And bowed its head.

I struggled a lot
But I found no water nor a pot
I was tired
No energy was left to be hired.

Touching the tree with my hands, I sat down
I cried from the heart as brown
My tears fell and gave birth
To a green fresh leaf from the earth.

In a second, the view changed
Greenery has grown and staged
I saw the river
Filled itself with water.

Whatever you think or do
From the core part of the heart to
Fulfil a wish
Every matter helps you without bish.

All of a sudden, I was thrown
Into the river and lost the crown
Someone called me to wake up, it's morning
I saw the pillow wet, all night I was crying.

BACKGROUND: There was a careless man who lived his life. He did everything an aimless man does. So his life thought to examine him by giving different challenges. But this type of person usually keeps themselves away from challenges. They are not confident to face challenges. So when the difficulties approached him he became frustrated. Tensions swallowed him. He was not getting what to do to get rid of these difficulties. Being tired and defeated he went to a place to hang himself.

POINT OF VIEW: 1. The man cried and shouted a lot when he was trapped with difficulties in his life.
2. The man started regretting his past doings.
3. He was not ready to accept and live the present moment.
4. The man abused himself instead of being courageous.
5. Whenever a problem occurs in one's life, life indicates it in many ways so that they can be aware of their problem. But many people just ignore it.

WRITER: Rejaul Hussan

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 A K Md Rejaul Hussan

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