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Poetic Pensive

MS Penarts is a published author of various mini novels and poetry books.


POETIC PENSIVE Copyright © MS Penarts

All rights reserved. No portion of this book may be transmitted, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, or otherwise, without the written permission of the author.


I love to read.

My passion for writing blossomed from my penchant of reading. I used to read my school textbooks and finished them before the school even starts. I even borrow my brothers’ books and devour them like it was a natural. I discover my first love on local folklore… my first fixation.

Then, I got curious and lost on the old testaments, then history, then psychology, dream interpretations; the list goes on and on. But the very thing that had the lasting imprint on me is a poem. I wrote my first ever poem in quartet. There were my most personal (and precious) in all of my possessions that takes space inside me and my siblings’ quarter.

I am 11 years old when I found a market for my pieces in the form of high school love letters. By the time I finished high school, I already polished my quartet, and even do freestyle, haiku and couplets. Among them, couplets are my lazy clothes.

Some of my poetic pieces won literary contests or found their places on school paper, but this will be the first time that they will be compiled into a book and have my pen-name on the cover. I know this book contains not much, and I am just on the starting page. For that, I am forever grateful to share another milestone with you.


MS Penarts

Feast your eyes!

Without further ado, allow me to present here some select pieces from the book "Poetic Pensive".

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Enjoy reading!


I am feeling the warmth already beneath the sunny sky.

I welcomed the horizon with a smile. The storm will not pass for

a while.


Here comes the sun, behold! So wondrous the symphonic

songs that told.

The merry birds, the sun— all speaks of hope and glee. Oh, I

will be singing a poetry.


I hold the bud in my hand with burst of beating in my heart,

wondering, thinking something that I cannot comprehend.

Now my head is all aching, my mind is swirling, myself half-longing to keep what I should desert


I long to enjoy the silence with a cup of coffee in my hand,

and a prevailing peace in my heart.


Curiosity is my name. For me, everything is a mysterious box

meant to be opened.

I became a discoverer as I observed the stage.


I am scared of you, of what is going on and is going to happen.

I am so afraid I cannot even take a single step.


Do not pull me into the chasm,

I may not bear another thorn.


Let us leave our footprints behind— together, you and me,

hand in hand.

Time has ticking by as we thread continuously on the sand.


I cherish you more, that is why I left,

and you hold me not as dear that is why I wept.


Pens up, pens down.

Again up, now gone.


Sometime, during the night

when I am about to put out the light

this thing will suddenly

cross my mind…

I will open a book

to read away the thought,

but I keep on thinking

what I should seek.


Can you read my thoughts,

or say on something I had fought?

Among this crowd, I dwell

while on solitude, I fell.

Is there a hand, perhaps

that can rescue me from the wrap

of my self-afflicting slavery

that I conveyed through my poetry?


I walk and turn

left and right

then, walk again as I might

amaze with the view and all,

as the winding path

rise and fall…

I wonder and ponder as I walk

will I ever meet you at all?

About the Author:

“MS Penarts“ is a regular introverted nerd who loves to gobble books like wolves do, and who ardently wishes that someday she would be able to pass on her penchant in reading and writing to her two lovely cubs. She has published her debut novel through Ukiyoto Publishing in April 2021.
Currently living in Manila, Philippines, she loves reading classical books as much as she loves Harry Potter series and detective stories. She is also into haiku and couplets. It is her greatest ambition to visit every prominent libraries across the globe, including the Vatican’s Secret Archives of course.
You can also follow her at her FB Author Page and IG @mspenarts.

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