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Poems of Poetry. Visiting the Play Ground.



Words wander from here to there aimlessly,

Other travelers passing may figure countlessly,

No destination only with aim of arriving,

One step followed by another transpiring,

Suddenly, purpose occurs off guard carelessly.

Limericks follow basic simple rules.

  • One stanza
  • Five lines
  • Rhyme one, two, and five
  • Rhyme three and four
  • In other words; AABBA

For more take a peek at the article Poetry 101: What Is a Limerick in Poetry? Limerick Definition with Examples at website MasterClass.



Lucid contentment,

Plummeting from the heavens,

Splash, endless ripples.

Haiku poetry follows simple rules. It is one stanza composed of three lines. The lines follow a pattern for syllables; 5 – 7 – 5. For more take a peek at the article Haiku, Explore the glossary of poetic terms at

If your like me at times I don't even know what syllable is. So, counting can be a puzzle of sorts. To help with that I use this site offering a calculator for just that. It is at


Free Verse

Once upon a time fingers danced merrily upon a keyboard,

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Songs of this and that soared to great heights above,

At times plummeting downward as if a rock unrestrained,

No matter its flight or path delight always a smile arrived.

Expressions of anger, sadness, happiness, and great glee,

There were no deep, dark caverns challenging to be explored,

There were no cliffs yelling “Dare not I say, for that means to fly”,

Each time none the less opened doors to hidden recesses of creativity.

So, rather than once upon time, why not now embrace requiem soon,

Tick-tock some say is cadence, meter, rhythm, though at times flows,

One step followed by one step, left-left-left-right-left, onward goes the march,

Soon, arrives that cave of Plato or the wings of Jonathon Livingston Seagull.

Free verse is unbound, untethered, and solid on a foundation of liberty. There in essence are no rules, yet laced with allegory, alliteration, juxtaposition, personification and even a rhyme or two along the way uniqueness creates each singular masterful work.

For more about Free Verse visit Literary Devices, Definition and Examples of Literary Terms. Peek at the linked article Definition of Free Verse.

Introduction once again long overdue

Not having published any poetry since September of 2017 while now is January of 2022 one may say I have been on a hiatus of sorts. Why . . . some may say is a product of sordid happenstance maybe closer to an ignoble turn of fate. Or, an adventure embarked upon with the twist and turns of a life’s journey some see as the cards dealt in a hand of poker. No matter personal judgement or another’s observation it simply was . . . is.

To renew the journey that began some fifty years back during the year of 1972 the poems above were writing tapping forgotten skills once learned. It is like a ten year child in the park playing on the monkey bars or soaring higher and higher on the swing. Alas, that first published poem as a high school senior at the age of seventeen in an anthology loomed. The title; why of course, Lost. Did it foretell the future? Well, maybe it did. Yet, today it begins and tomorrow never arrives, so no promises.

© 2022 Tim Mitchell

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