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Poems from The Jersey Shore 29

Timothy is a Christian who enjoys creating visual art and writing. He has a B.S. in Psychology.

Original Art by Timothy Whitt

Original Art by Timothy Whitt

As we move into May the temperature is going up, the flowers and trees are popping and we now can venture outside for fresh air. I love this time of year because it is a time of renewal. It is also a time to look forward to more trips to the beach nearby.

I’ve included a variety of different poems in this edition. Some small, some longer. There are few nonsense type poems. All of them are written in free verse. I hope you enjoy them. Until next time make sure to take some time to go to the beach but stay safe.


Does the Bigfoot exist?

A lot of people think so

Me, I really don’t know

But if the Bigfoot exists

In this crazy world

We now reside

The creature is smart

To up and hide

Author’s Note

i wrote this short poem after watching a show about Bigfoot hunters. They always seem to search and search but never really find one.

Art of Timothy Whitt

Art of Timothy Whitt

Sunny Day

We’ll meet again I’m sure

On the next sunny day

When the storm clouds pass

The rain has gone away

Well be able to sneak out

Frolic among the grass

We’ll have days of fun

Forget the year which past

Author’s Note

A short poem I wrote about how someday the times we are going through now will pass and we will able to hang together again.



Relax, relax

There’s no reason to be upset

because someone doesn’t do

What you really want them to

Relax, relax

It’s just not worth the anger

Time it takes to get upset

Relax, relax

People have a mind of their own

They will to do things their way

They’re not always going to listen

To what you have to say

So relax, relax

Don’t get yourself upset

Because someone doesn’t do

What your really want the to

Relax, relax

Author’s Note

In light of all the tension our nation is currently going through I created this short poem to call light to the fact we need to relax more. We need to step back and realize we are individuals who are not always get along.

A Map of the Brain

A map of your life

As it goes through time

Never looks the same

Not once nor twice

It twists and turns

Meanders uphill

and down

As we travel from then

until now

Of course it is

Also true

The map you plan

The map you draw

Is never the same map

Not the one at all

You end up walking

One day

Until the next

The next

The next

The map full of

Unplanned stops

Many detours

Still after all

You end at the place

You were meant to be

Author’s Note

Life is a journey we try to map out in our minds how we want to go. In the end the map we travel is never the same map we drew up in our heads.



What does silence sound like

I really cannot say

Cause every time I try

To hear silence

The noise gets in the way

Author‘s Note

This is a poem for those of us who suffer from something called Tinnitis

Awkward Socially

I’m a little awkward socially

I genuinely must proclaim

I’m fine talking to myself

With others it’s not the same

My tongue gets tied in knots

My speech gets a little slurred

My pits get wet with sweat

My vision gets a little blurred

I finally give up, take my leave

Run straight towards the door

Head home where I feel safe

Converse with myself a bit more

Author’s Note

A poem for those of us who are introverts and always have a phobia about being out socially.

My Lazy Cat

My lazy cat

Lays there fast asleep

As the mice play

And tap their little feet

The mice throw a party

They dance around the room

What’s worse than all that

Is they eat all my food

Get up cat, get up cat

Chase the mice away

You really must do your job

Do your job, this very day

Author’s Note

This poem is written about those cats we get to help rid our house of mice but instead seem to befriend he mice. So in the end the mice run all over the house.

© 2021 Timothy Whitt

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