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Poems From the Porch 56

John is a poet and short fiction writer who enjoys collaborating on stories with other writers, and partaking in challenges.

Writing Desk

Writing Desk

Writing For Fun Verses Profit

Welcome to the Porch! Thank you for taking the time to visit for a few minutes, and I hope you find something worth reading while you are here.

I just want to talk a little about writing, and why we do it. All writers have their own reasons they put words down on paper or computer screens, but I think it is fair to say most of us started because we had a love of writing. Many probably loved to read as children and that love of the written word transformed into us actually trying our own hand at story writing or poetry.

Over time that may have changed, and, if we were serious we may have considered submitting writing to magazines, newspapers or other publications in the hope of actually earning money. Some aspired to become the next best selling author.

Then came the Internet, and that opened the door to so many more opportunities for writers. Many people started to see dollar signs flash before their eyes. Content writing sites like HubPages, Bubblews, Medium and the like popped up everywhere, and countless others that pay for content in one way or the other. "Freelancing" is now the new word on everyone's tongue.

Then there were those few writers who just kept writing because they loved it, the thought process, the actual putting word to paper, the satisfaction of seeing their finished work. No thought of monetary reward of any kind. Maybe they would show it to their family or friends, maybe post it on a blog or webpage, but just the fact they had written something that they were proud of was reward enough.

My point is that to be a writer, first and foremost, you must love writing.

— John Hansen

Children enjoying writing

Children enjoying writing

My point is that to be a writer, first and foremost, you must love writing. If you don't whatever you do write will appear mechanical, overly formal, or even stagnant. It will probably be stacked with keywords and written to tick all the SEO boxes. Its only real purpose to make money, not to inspire, entertain, or tell an engaging story.

I discovered long ago to write for myself. If my writing didn't appeal to me, why would anyone else want to read it? I didn't even care about many of the rules of writing stories, essays, or poetry.. as long as I was happy with how it sounded. This approach and way of thinking don't suit everyone, and I have learned a lot and improved my writing over time. However, this is still the basis of my writing.

I do make money as a freelance writer but I find that if my heart is in the project and it appeals to me personally that there is usually a 99% guarantee the client will love it too. That said, I much prefer the writing I do for myself that I publish on HubPages, The Creative Exiles, and All Poetry, that I receive little or no money for. Now and then I get a notification that I have received a payment from HubPages into my PayPal account, and that is welcome, but I don't hold my breath counting on it and it will never make or break me.

There is no right or wrong reason to write though, and none of us will say no to a few dollars offered here and there. For me, however, it will never be my primary reason for writing. I even set my availability status on Fiverr (where I freelance) to "away" for a week or so at a time just so I can have a break and concentrate on my own writing.

Why do you write? I'd be interested to hear in comments.

I'd like to add another for your list, even though you say one of my suggestions is coming up soon. How about 'wild flowers' or 'songbirds'? I know you have different ones in Australia so that would be interesting. Also, perhaps one about the ships of the desert - camels. I won't be offended if you pass on one or all of those but I couldn't stand by when you said you're running out of suggestions! I don't expect to see anything on them all at once either!

— Ann Carr

Wildflowers, Songbirds, and Camels

Wildflowers growing freely,

Fresh colours in the fields.

Even on the rocky earth

The cacti are in bloom.

Not confined by any garden,

No florist for to yield.

Songbirds in the treetops,

A chorus greets the sun.

There’s magpies, butcherbirds, and larks,

Whip-birds and bell-birds too.

Following no words or tune

They just sing for the fun.

Big humped camels cross the sand

In dromedary trains.

Called ‘ships of the desert,’

Watch them sail across the dunes.

Days between both food and drink

But they do not complain.

So, wildflowers, birds, and camels

Have a common link you see.

They have the kind of freedom

That escapes both you and me.

We have too many stresses

That we need to brush aside,

Shed responsibilities,

Just be free - enjoy the ride.

Have you written one about worms, candles, or acorns? How about random thoughts?

— Peggy Woods

Worms, Candles, Acorns, and Random Thoughts

Worms dig in the garden,

Candles burn the flame,

Acorns become oak trees.

My random thoughts again!

Worms help with the compost

And breaking down the earth.

Candles throw their gentle light

From the table or the hearth.

Acorns seem so tiny,

Simply the food of squirrels,

But one day become mighty.

Tell me what rhymes with squirrels?

Random thoughts just come to me

When my muse decides to wake.

Despite my earnest protests,

“Let me sleep for goodness sake!”

So, I threw this poem together,

It’s quite a jumbled mess.

But writing anything’s preferred,

To not writing, I confess.

Thoughts: Photo by Binti Malu from Pexels

Thoughts: Photo by Binti Malu from Pexels

You asked for more prompts, so how about "tidal wave?"

— Bill Holland

Tidal Wave/Tsunami: Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS from Pexels

Tidal Wave/Tsunami: Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS from Pexels

Tidal Waves vs Tsunamis

We used to call them ‘tidal waves,’

Now ‘tsunami's the chic word.

Well, at least that is what I thought

Until I asked the Google lord.

In fact, they are quite different,

Especially in their causes.

The Sun and Moon cause tidal waves

By their gravitational forces.

Tsunamis on the other hand

Are caused by water displacement,

Often triggered by earthquakes

Or submarine volcanic eruption.

Tidal waves are frequent,

Occurring every day,

Tsunamis only happen

When there’s seismic work at play.

Tsunamis are destructive,

They can flatten entire towns.

Tidal waves are the highest

When full-moons are around.

So tidal waves are not so bad,

Except during typhoons,

When the weather is extreme,

Or hurricanes and cyclones.

Tsunami aftermath: Photo by Sangeet Rao from Pexels

Tsunami aftermath: Photo by Sangeet Rao from Pexels

Let's see if we can get motivated today from this single word prompt.

The word prompt is "Yesterday"

I will make certain to post this a few extra times this week. Giving everyone a chance to provide me with a link to their poems or short stories.

I can't wait! I look forward to seeing your creations.

— Brenda Arledge

Photos of yesterday: Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

Photos of yesterday: Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels


What happened ‘yesterday’ is old,

All it held has been and gone.

It’s now just memories we hold,

But we can’t forget the song.

Embrace nostalgia for your sake,

Hold onto it forever,

But dwelling on your past mistakes

Is just not wise or clever.

We all have had our past desires,

Some realised, others not.

Don’t sit and ponder what transpired,

Embrace what you’ve still got.

Put those yesterdays on the shelf,

For nothing has stayed the same.

History can’t repeat itself,

And the future’s a new game.

So close that door that blocks your way,

Don’t be shackled by the past.

Embrace this as a brand new day

And live it like it’s your last.

Today’s the best you have right now.

Of tomorrow, be in awe.

Trust that all that lies ahead

Will be better than before.

The future is here: Photo by fauxels from Pexels

The future is here: Photo by fauxels from Pexels

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 John Hansen


John Hansen (author) from Queensland Australia on March 03, 2021:

Hey Mel, thanks for visiting. So glad yo agree with me on my thoughts about writing. I read forum posts where people were complaining about HP being late with the monthly payout in February, as though their world would end because they had to wait a few extra days for payout. I thought, well you must make a hell of a lot more than me to even give it a thought.

Yes, some only have a handful of hubs on, as you say, dog or cat names, baby names,

It takes me three or four months to even get to the $50 limit for payout.

Growing tomatoes, How to Change a Lighbulb etc....they have few comments, and don’t comment on others hubs. Some say they make a four figure amount each month...wtf?

Well good luck to those people, but that is not for me. As you say, for me, writing on these types of subjects would be tedious and boring. I love your thinking, and writing, thanks for sharing your opinion.

Mel Carriere from Snowbound and down in Northern Colorado on March 03, 2021:

Ditto on everything you said about writing. I recently saw a post on the feed here where so and so hubber had 20 million views, with only about 65 hubs. "Wow!" I exclaimed, and examined the profile to see what kind of articles were attracting so many views.

Turns out, it was all lists of dogs names. To me, creating those would be so tedious and boring I would rather clean toilets for extra cash. I write primarily to entertain myself. God sent Abraham into Sodom and Gomorrah to find one righteous man, in so doing he would save the cities. When my wife asked me the other day why I spent so much time writing I told her that if one person, one single person enjoys what I write, then I am satisfied. I won't give up the fun of spinning words and creating worlds in exchange for multiple millions of views. Great words from the porch.

John Hansen (author) from Queensland Australia on March 02, 2021:

Oh Audrey, what a wonderful comment. I am glad my poetry can do those things and inspire those emotions. I always want the poems to be relatable or have meaning to someone.

Audrey Hunt from Idyllwild Ca. on March 02, 2021:

There's nothing better than reading your poetry. I learn something new with each poem. Sometimes I laugh and other times I shed a tear. Every so often I come across one that I am convinced was written just for me.

Take care and be safe and healthy.

John Hansen (author) from Queensland Australia on March 02, 2021:

Thank you, Ruby. Glad you enjoy that I couldn't rhyme with squirrels lol. I am sure your muse will reawaken soon..I sure hope so.

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on March 02, 2021:

This was a joy to read, especially the rhyming squirrels. I love the idea about ' Yesterday ' as you say, My muse maybe, will wake up?

John Hansen (author) from Queensland Australia on March 02, 2021:

Thank you Rasma. I am the same...some jobs I think of refusing as too hard, but I always find a way to do them successfully too.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on March 02, 2021:

Enjoyed them all especially the nature poems, I am always up to some writing job and sometimes find myself sitting with fingers hovering over the keyboard wondering How in the world can I possibly write about this? but I find a way and I do it,

John Hansen (author) from Queensland Australia on March 01, 2021:

Hi Flourish, thank you for sharing your experiences and views on writing. Glad you enjoyed the nature poems too.

FlourishAnyway from USA on March 01, 2021:

I enjoyed your nature poems. I have penned everything from legal and technical writing to theoretical conceptual pieces in psychology to poems. Of course sometimes it has been for fun and at other times I’ve written for profit. My very first job was as a feature reporter at a newspaper. One type of writing isn’t superior to me anymore than sneakers are superior to loafers or stilettos. It just depends on the situation and what is called for. Hopefully writing is always somewhat enjoyable even when it’s technical mumbo jumbo.

John Hansen (author) from Queensland Australia on March 01, 2021:

Hi Brittany,

Thank you for taking the time to read these poems. I appreciate your kind comment.

Brittany Benko from South Carolina on March 01, 2021:

Lovely poetry. Always a joy to read.

John Hansen (author) from Queensland Australia on March 01, 2021:

Thanks Mary. I don’t know how either.

Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on March 01, 2021:

Enjoyed reading these poems. I can't believe how well you wrote poems on 3 different things and still make them fun to read.

John Hansen (author) from Queensland Australia on March 01, 2021:

Hello Shauna, when I received the multiple requests From Ann and Peg I thought they would be spread over a few weeks, but suddenly i had the thought to try to combine the subjects even though they were totally unrelated ..just for something different. I am glad you felt it worked. Sometimes I do start to feel a little burnt out from my paid writing. It is fortunate freelancing allows you to just take a break if you need to.

John Hansen (author) from Queensland Australia on March 01, 2021:

Hi Linda, yes, this was a little different. My muse sometimes works in mysterious ways lol. Thanks for reading and enjoying.

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on March 01, 2021:

John, you've outdone yourself with this episode of The Porch! How very clever of you to combine multiple requests that at first seem to have no relation to each other, into one fun poem. And not once, but twice!

I really enjoyed sitting with you today, John.

BTW, I love that you go "away" to block out some time to write for your own pleasure and to give yourself a break from client(s) demands. That's a great way to avoid burnout.

Linda Lum from Washington State, USA on March 01, 2021:

John, I enjoy this series so much. Just when I think you've shown us everything you can do . . . well this was different. Obviously your Muse was in her happy place.

John Hansen (author) from Queensland Australia on March 01, 2021:

It is always my pleasure, Bill. Maybe I need a tag line: “I never saw a poem I couldn’t write” lol. The series will keep going as long as people keep giving me suggestions. Have a great day.

John Hansen (author) from Queensland Australia on March 01, 2021:

Thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts on writing, Peg. I am glad you liked what I did in joining your suggested subjects into one poem. It makes me happy to know you enjoy this series.

John Hansen (author) from Queensland Australia on March 01, 2021:

Thanks, Brenda.

John Hansen (author) from Queensland Australia on March 01, 2021:

Thanks for seconding Manatita’s request, Brenda. I will do it however it may take a few weeks.

John Hansen (author) from Queensland Australia on March 01, 2021:

Well, Manatita, I can never accuse you of making things easy for me can I lol? A Kenyan starling..i will have to research that. As for a poem on Spring, I guess I can even though in this part of the world Spring as a very long time away. Thank you for reading and your prompts.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on March 01, 2021:

I thank you for my poem! I love your ability to take any prompt and make poetry from it. May this series live in into eternity, my friend, as it should.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on March 01, 2021:

I was a voracious reader as a child and started writing on HubPages for the fun of it. With practice, our writing skills can be honed. It is so much fun getting to know people from around the world. I also enjoy learning new things.

You did such a great job with these poems. When I threw out the idea of the random thoughts, I never imagined that you would combine the three subjects, as you also did with Ann's topics. Brilliant! Your "Poems From the Porch" are always so enjoyable to read! They bring a smile to my face. Thanks!

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on March 01, 2021:

You wrote a Haiku as a response to the word prompt Spring.

I reposted that article under the feed in case you want to see it.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on March 01, 2021:

I think Manatita44 has a good idea. ..Spring was the word prompt for Week 2.

It would be interesting to read & I'm looking forward to spring.

I spotted little sprouts of crocus & hyacinth oushing through the ground of my flowerbeds.

manatita44 from london on March 01, 2021:

Well, John, first I rather enjoyed your take on writing today. Refreshing to see such an all-rounded approach.

I was reading probably at 3 years old and writing poetry by four. English is by far my best subject, followed by arithmetic. I am a Creative Writer. I have always had a logical brain and street kid sense of survival, which made me instinctive, intuitive.

So I will say that we all carry over a sort of blueprint from former lives, which determine where we go, even in writing styles.

I write for the same reasons I have repeated here for eleven years. Yours are very valid and I like them a lot!

Yet my life has been coloured by Spirituality for 38 years. So I write to serve, to inspire, to awaken ... to illumine, to reach the Heart.

I rather like Ann's idea of song-birds. I have some of her English traits: the beach, scenery, countryside, etc. I also grew up in a village, near streams, ravines, rivers and of course nature. So my question for you is to write a piece on a specific Kenyan song-bird, the starling. One of my four favourites.

Now I like making things hard for you, so send me the bill. Lol. But write it like I do my spring poems. Bring in colour, imagery ... that is to say, all flowers and foliage, a touch of Spring and renewal. Haha. Ok. Not beyond you.

You did such a great job with my last one! Loving article from you and yes, brings me to a second request, for which there is no hurry. Do also an inspirational piece entitled Spring, approaching it from the standpoint of newness, growth, revival and renewal. (See how I approached mines, last Hub)

You can even make it metaphorical, so for example, the mere thought of a successful Covid vaccine, would have been like Spring for many in certain countries six months ago. Just an odd example. Peace

John Hansen (author) from Queensland Australia on March 01, 2021:

Thank you for always following this series and for your encouraging comment MsDora.

John Hansen (author) from Queensland Australia on March 01, 2021:

Pamela, thank you for sharing on why you write. Your hubs are valuable resources and help for a lot of people. I am impressed by the amount of time you must spend on research. I just wish HubPages appreciated how much work its faithful established authors put in and listened to our concerns about the changes.

I appreciate your generous comment. I have written about woodpeckers and firemen before in the series, but not owls and talking parrots. I will put them on the list.

John Hansen (author) from Queensland Australia on March 01, 2021:

Hello Chitrangada.

I am glad you could relate to my opinion about writing. I agree the encouragement of fellow writers is very motivating and more important than money.

Thank you for your kind comment.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on March 01, 2021:

Beautiful earthy poems, whether on spring or tidal wave. You do all themes well. Thanks again for sharing your poetic gift.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on March 01, 2021:

I agree with Ann, Brilliant! You wrote on such a variety of topics, and I loved all of them. I love the way you combined 3 topics together. That was so clever.

I write because I enjoy it, and I feel like I am helping other people all over the world. I typically write 1 article a week, or sometimes 2. The research that most of my article require is time consuming, therefore, I make almost no money. I use to write on a site where I was paid fairly well, but I like Hubpages better (not that I am fond of the new changes). I have read books since I was a young child, and I enjoy them.

I don't remember if you have written n woodpeckers, owls or even a talking parrot. How about firemen? I love you poems on the proch series, John.

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on March 01, 2021:

Hello John!

Your thoughts about writing are so much relatable to me. I write for the pure joy of self expression. And, while writing, perhaps i never think about the money part, or even afterwards. The recognition from the like minded fellow writers, gives me encouragement and satisfaction, which further provides me motivation, to do better.

Regarding the poems from the porch in this edition--all nice topics, and as always, you did a wonderful job, with the well crafted poems. I liked all of them.

Thank you for sharing and wish you a happy week.

John Hansen (author) from Queensland Australia on March 01, 2021:

Hi Ann, I meant to say something about combining all your requests into one. It was just an idea that came to me and I thought it was a little unique so I ran with it. I did the same with Peg's requests as well. I am glad you thought it worked out ok.

Thank you for sharing why you write and how you approach it. Thanks for reading and your generous comment.

Ann Carr from SW England on March 01, 2021:

Three in one for me, thank you! Brilliant, John! You've done a great job on this week's suggestions. I love the humour you inject with some of your verses.

I write because I love it. In fact, if I haven't written for a while I get niggly and frustrated. Something has to be written. I have bits of paper all around my computer, each with a scribbled idea on it, then there are lists on my desktop - which to do first is the problem! My love of writing started with ideas for stories at school and then we wrote with pencil - I loved the smooth feel of pencil on paper, which spurred me on. Is that weird?! Fortunately, I learnt to touch-type so that I could be a secretary (in between the teaching); if I couldn't do that I think my right hand would hurt all the time, or I would run out of time just using two finger typing.

Thoroughly enjoyed this mix of prose and poetry, John.


Misbah from The Planet Earth on February 28, 2021:

It's always a pleasure, Jodah

John Hansen (author) from Queensland Australia on February 28, 2021:

It is great to receive your comment here Misbah, and I appreciate your generous words. Thank you for sharing why you write..that is a good answer. Thanks for missing my work too.

Misbah from The Planet Earth on February 28, 2021:

Jodah, I loved it whole but these lines, i loved most

Random thoughts just come to me

When my muse decides to wake.

Despite my earnest protests,

“Let me sleep for goodness sake!”

You did yesterday prompt very well, as always a superb writing with good and unique choice of words.

You asked why we write for me I would say, I write because I just want to scribble those bubbling words of mind somewhere to be read by some different people.

I missed your work


John Hansen (author) from Queensland Australia on February 28, 2021:

Hi MG, good to see you. Thank you for reading and for the generous comment.

MG Singh emge from Singapore on February 28, 2021:

Nice thoughts on being a writer with a set of uplifting poems.

John Hansen (author) from Queensland Australia on February 28, 2021:

Rosina, thank you for reading these poems and for your lovely comment. I am sure you will succeed in your field of expertise too.

John Hansen (author) from Queensland Australia on February 28, 2021:

Wow, Rose. Saying this is your favorite hub in years is a wonderful compliment. I am glad you enjoyed, and thank you for sharing.

John Hansen (author) from Queensland Australia on February 28, 2021:

Thank you so much, Brenda. I am especially happy you liked my interpretation of "Yesterday." You have a good night too.

Rosina S Khan on February 28, 2021:

Remarkably gorgeous collection of poems indeed, John. I loved them all.

By the way, I write because I love to write, not because it is my profession. I have dreams to follow my original field of expertise though.

Thank you for the splendid share.

schoolgirlforreal on February 28, 2021:

This is stunningly remarkable and beautifully done.

I loved it start to finish. Each poem you've written is fiercely clever and rhyme so well,

I loved the topics on display. Appreciating nature and today.

(Present) and how we CAN create our future and make dreams come true by our attitude.

Yes i love writing for pleasure not money. Like you say, it's hard to make money for many of us, and trying to.would inhibit my creativity or id have no fun or little.

WOW!!! This is my favorite hub in years!!!!! Its appealing in many ways!



Ps im sharing this on social media

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on February 28, 2021:


I must say I love the one you wrote in response to my word prompt, "Yesterday ".

You composed a wonderful & fitting poem.

I love the whole first paragraph & this line here I adore...

So close that door that blocks your way,

Don’t be shackled by the past

Your other poems are good also. The next runner up is the one from Bill's suggestion. Tidal wave / Tsunami

I'm going to post a link in the comment section of my article.

Have a good night.

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