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Poems From the Porch 37

John is a freelance writer, ghost-writer, storyteller, and poet. He always tries to include a message or social commentary in his writing

My porch? I wish. Image by Louise Dav from Pixabay

My porch? I wish. Image by Louise Dav from Pixabay

It’s Never Too Late, or Better Late Than Never

Well, I am a little late publishing this collection but here it is! Sorry to keep you, my faithful readers, waiting, but life goes on and I need to fit my writing in where I can.
I am currently visiting with my son and his family in Brisbane, taking advantage of the lifted lockdown and travel restrictions here.

We felt we need to make the effort to see our grandchildren, especially the new granddaughter who was born during the lockdown, and who we hadn’t met yet (oh, and how beautiful she is!) With Victoria currently experiencing a new spike in cases and having borders closed we felt the need to do as much as we could now in case it spreads to Queensland again.

I know we are so much more fortunate to not be experiencing the Covid-19 virus to the extent that many other countries are, it is still a major concern In regard to our age and my wife’s existing medical conditions.

So, I began writing these poems at home on the porch, but have finished them off and added photos etc while I have been away. Now, here it is finally published, so I hope you enjoy this edition of Poems From the Porch.

Lawrence Hebb

“The old stone wall may be hidden by the Ivy, but its the wall that gives the Ivy structure.

Maybe a good poem would be about the need for structure, what do you think?”

It is clearly necessary to invent organizational structures appropriate to the present multicultural age. But such efforts are doomed to failure if they do not grow out of something deeper, out of generally held values.

— Vaclav Havel

The Need For Structure

Structure gives security,

a skeleton or spine,

a followed pattern or a plan

that stands the tests of time.

Strength and support is needed

in buildings and in life.

Unless strong structures are in place,

they’ll collapse and end in strife.

Architects and engineers

collaborate on design,

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