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Poems From the Jersey Shore 41

Tim is a Christian artist, storyteller and poet. He also has a strong faith and enjoys writing articles with a strong moral value.


It’s good to be back. I’ve been so busy living my life I haven’t posted poems in a while. I was still writing them mostly short ones or free verses rambles but I still put pen to paper. Now I have the time I’m putting them out there for you to read.

So far I‘ve posted some faithful poems and other ones designed for greeting cards. This is my first compilation of poems about life and other topics. I hope you enjoy them.

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you where I‘ve been. I went to Michigan to visit my brother and then to Alaska to visit my daughter for a couple of weeks. The photos in this article are from Alaska. See you next month with more poems.


We’re always waiting

For tomorrow

But when tomorrow comes

We’re waiting for


But when tomorrow comes

We’re waiting for

Well you get the gist

We’re never satisfied

With the day we’re livin

The moments we’re givin

So each day we say

There’s always tomorrow

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Sitting on a Wall

Sitting on a wall

Watchin the world

Travel by

All the while

Wondering why

Everybody is in

Such a hurry

Swish, swoosh

They hurriedly scurry

Saying out loud

I’m late, I’m late

They need to stop

Take time to contemplate


What’s important

What’s not

Stop, take some time

Enjoy the day

Just unwind

Sitting on a wall

Watchin the world

Travel by

All the while

Wondering why

Man I Used to Be


Live each day

Trying to stay


But wanting to

Get away

Get away

Be the man

I used to be

I’ve learned

Over time

Life is a line

Which moves forward

Never backwards

Gotta hold onto

The moments

Which are true

The moments which

Make you, you

If not you’ll end up

Wishing, hoping

For the

Man you used to be

Life is a Cabaret. A fancy footstep to get through each day.

School Dazed

In school I was not

one of the popular


One who stood out

in a crowd

I tried to blend in

as I moved about



With those who were


The nerds, the geeks

And of course

The dweebs

All of us tried

To survive

To stay alive

In our little social


In the end

It all depended

On not attracting

The bullies gaze


We all procrastinate


To do what

We need to do

We reiterate

It’s better to wait

Another day or two

But when the days

Roll by

And we’re asked


We didn’t do

What we needed to

We just say

We’re waiting for

The right day or time



I get distracted


Yeah, distracted

By the world around

What goes down

It drags me away

Causes me to stray

To stumble and fall

To drop the ball

I get distracted

Distracted, distracted

Lord, help me be strong

As I walk along

The road ahead

Instead of being

Distracted, distracted

Yeah, distracted

A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. ~Robert Frost

What I Remember

What I remember


from before

is it truly what


Or is my memory


a little more

I’m really not sure

I’d like to think

what I remember

is true

truly I do

But as you grow


memories fade

or seem to erase

leaving you wondering

did it really

happen at all


One Too Many

One too many

one too many

when is one

too many

After the first


Maybe times two

Or is one too many

too many

after a few

I also must ask

is my one too many

the same for you

One too many

one too many

When is one

too many

Publishing a volume of verse is like dropping a rose-petal down the Grand Canyon and waiting for the echo. ~Don Marquis

Not Easy to Love

I know I’m not

Easy to love

Easy to love

At times

I’ll drive you crazy

Make your mind feel

Not easy to love

Not easy to love

I am not easy to love

Your love pours out

On me

Everyday you try and

Let me see

How much I mean

To you

But my eyes are blinded

To the truth

I don’t see what I

Have in you


I’m not easy to love


The Way I Write

I wish I wrote

The way I thought



With a bit of abandonment

I’d write to the point of



Articles flying from my


Like vines climbing

Until far out

Of sight

And I’d write

about a life

I’d just as soon


Chatty People

What happens to

Chatty people

When no one

Is around

Do they talk

To themselves

Let their voices


Or do they

Get quiet

Nary utter a word

As they wait, want

And hope

For someone to

Let their voices

Be heard

© 2022 Timothy Whitt

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