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Poems From the Jersey Shore 40

Faith, Art, writing and learning are Tim’s passions. Tim loves working in education. He has a BS in Psychology from Albright College.


Life Happens

I sit here in my later years pondering what may come my way and reflecting on how my life has transpired so far. My pondering leads me to write more poetry, stories And to create more visual arts. Why I do not know. I guess it is because we all want to leave a little piece of ourselves behind for others to enjoy.

It could also be just that my mind is always churning and wanting to spit out something. Whether my musings are good it is up to the public to decide. I will keep on writing none the less. On that note I hope you enjoy this latest grouping of poems. They are all based on random musings and or a quick quip I heard somewhere


The Up Life

A poem born out of the idea we need to channel our sadness in order find our gladness.

Aren’t you tired

Of living

The down life

The down life

Dragging yourself through


Muck and the mire

Ticking off the days

Till its time to retire

Turn your vision

Higher and higher

Start living the

Up life

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Up life

Seeing each day

As a chance to revive

The heart

The soul

Having peace

In your mind

Start living the

Up life

Up life

Doings things

That matter

Living happier

Not sadder

Looking upward

Not down

Wearing a smile

Not a frown

The up life

The up life

The Old Age Question

This one came from me pondering at what age do you become old.

At what age

does one



over the hill

a forgotten fossil

If you ask

each generation it is

the next

and so on

and so on

till the young

become old

the old become


and the older


dare I say



My First

A look back at a first love whom I met in the high school library.

I saw you in the library

One fateful day

Thought you were the one

But me got in the way

It seems I was the type

Who makes a good friend

But not one you loved

To the bitter end

Why O Why

I don’t understand

I may not be Prince Charging

But I have this love

For you, for you

We went our separate ways

You married a guy wrong for you

He never loved you

The way I wanted to

Now I sit and wonder

Where you are today

If I ran into you

What would be the words I’d say


Why O Why

I don’t understand

I may not be Prince Charging

But I have this love

For you, for you

Moonlit Nights

I love to walk

around on

moonlit nights

The world around me

is such

a beautiful sight

The world is bathed

in a moonlit glow

As if covered in

a new fallen snow

I especially like

To walk on a dark lane

Look up at the

ethereal plane

See the scattered stars

cast out like dust

Stare at the moon with

It’s earthly thrust

Yes, I like the nighttime

where the sky is clear

And the soft music

of silence

Is all your hear


Best Friends

A reflection on what it means to have and or be a best friend.

Best friends never

leave you hanging

Best friends know

what you’re bringing

Best friends know

what you’re gonna say

Best friends know

your quirky ways

Best friends are there

no matter the time

Best friends are

your true life line

Best friends are there

when they don’t know why

Best friends are the

true joy of life

A Room Full of Memories

What is life to us but the memories we make.

Nothing but

A room full of memories

My life is nothing but a

Room full of memories

Little bits and pieces

of a life gone by

stored in the closet and drawers

of my mind

filed away

for future moments

for those times

when I want to recall

the good times

or learn from past mistakes

I made

A room full of memories

Locked away

In my mind



A poem fashioned from a writing prompt. The prompt stated to pick up a rhyming dictionary and take the first words and create a poem.

It’s nearly twelve o’clock

Did you see my peacock

She needs a pep talk

Cause of the punk rock

She listens to on the beat box

She wasn’t with the livestock

She wasn’t at the roadblock

Nor in the field of shamrocks

It’s all a bunch of Poppycock

Cause I can’t find my peacock


Wonder about

My grandma, the look or her smile

Her soft moist tears

Of joy, when I stopped by

Her stories

Told of

Years long ago passed by

Real life wisdom

Poured inside my soul

Memories never known

Cause my grandma

Was long ago gone when I was

So very young

Gone not as in goodbye

But gone in

Her mind

alzheimer's disease

Took her life away

So you see

You Gotta enjoy

The times you’ve

Been given

Make the memories you can

While you are able

© 2022 Timothy Whitt

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