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Poems From the Jersey Shore 39

Faith, Art, writing and learning are Tim’s passions. Tim loves working in education. He has a BS in Psychology from Albright College.


Art From the Jersey Shore

I love writing poems and short stories but favorite thing to do is create animal art. I do a lot of work with charcoal pencil and other medium. I decided in this offering of poems to include some of artwork for your viewing pleasure. I would love to hear your feedback on both the poems and artwork. As always keep safe, enjoy life and try to spread a little love each day.



’ve said all

There is to say

On any given subject

At least for today

But when tomorrow comes

I may find

I’m not really

All done

I might have

More words to say

Then I did in my



My tomorrows

To come

My Wife

When my wife talks

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It is my druthers

To let it go in one ear

And out the other

And when she shouts

I rarely hear

The words are blocked

From my ears

But when my wife cries out

Come get some food

Those words I always hear

Cause her meals I must say

Are really, really good


Ode to Coffee

Oh sweet coffee

Oh my beautiful coffee

You are the light of my morning

Each morning

I await your arrival

As the enticing aroma

Whaffs from the brewing pot

I pace in anticipation

Of your first taste

As you seep across my lips

Into my mouth

Letting my taste buds

Dance for joy

Oh sweet coffee

Oh my beautiful coffee

You bring such joy

Inside My Head

We had a jar with a bumblebee

We opened the lid, set it free

There are things inside my head

Which can’t be easily said

Stories, jokes and poems there are

Locked inside like a bee in a jar

If I could only set them free

I’d give them as a gift for you from m


A Love

I need a love

I need a love

I need a love

To help me through the pain and sorrow

I need a love

I need a love

I need a love

Today not tomorrow

A love so true

To be true

When life seems blue

I need a love

I need a love

I need a love

I need a love

When my life feels so joyous

I need a love

I need a love

I need a love

A love for the two of us

A love passed from

One heart to another

One true love

A love for two to share

I need a love

Need a love

Need a love

As I Grow Older

As I grow older

My hair turns to grey

I begin to wonder

I start to ponder

About my later days

Will I be sixty

Will I be eighty

Will I reach sixty four

As I grow older

My years grow shorter

I see my life ebb away

My thoughts turn to rust

My life is a bust

Will I someday retire

Will I maybe expire

Before I reach sixty four


I Wish

I wish

I wish

I wish

I were like you

I’m not

So what do I do

Do I wallow here in pity

Do I sit here in doubt

Do I get angry about it

Do I scream out loud


I am not you

I can only do

The things I am able

The things I can do

The things I alone like

The things I see as true

The things which make me


© 2021 Timothy Whitt

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