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Poems From the Jersey Shore 37 - Nostalgia Edition

Faith, Art, writing and learning are Tim’s passions. Tim loves working in education. He has a BS in Psychology from Albright College.


A Simpler Time

I came across this list of popular things back when i was just a wee lad. I wrote a poem about my favorite ones entitled Those Were the Days. The poem can be found by clicking here Those Were the Days. I decided to take several of the items off the list and write a few longer poems about them. The poems in this grouping were created from those prompts.

If you are of a certain age I hope you enjoy looking back a few years to what people are prone to call the simpler years. I must say they didn't seem so simple then and they still don't now. Still it is always fun to take a lighthearted look at years gone. I hope you enjoy them.


Drive In Movies

The drive in

Is no longer there

Tore it down

Built a store

Had a lot of good times there

Hangin with my friends

Or with

My best girl

Sittin in my car

Watch the flick

Maybe not

Was so sad to see it go

All the memories

In my head

Come on back to me

When I drive

By the spot

Where all the drive in movies

Were played all night long


Candy Cigarettes

I use to wear

A box of

Candy cigarettes

Tucked up in

My shirt sleeve

Thought it was cool to imitate

The adults around me

Shake one out

Pop it in your mouth

Take a drag

Let it out

Pretending to puff away

Looking back at then

The so called

Age of innocence

We were young


Of the grownups around us

Their world seemed alive

So full of

Forbidden things

We wanted

Least we thought

Looking back I learned some good habits

And a few bad ones

But I survived


45 Records

Stack of 45’s

My favorite tunes

Spinned then on

Played them on

My little record player

All day into night

Sang along

Knew every word

Of each tune

On my 45’s

My momma yelled more than once

Turn the music down

Couldn’t stop

I was in the groove

Til the day

The music stopped

I’d moved on

Packed all the 45’s in a box

Put them all away

Now long gone

But the songs live on

All those 45’s

Loved so much

The songs have gone digital

But it’s not the same

Miss the sound

The crackle and pop

The 45’s made

As they spun

Around, around and around

With the needle down


Hula Hoops

Swish, swish, swish

The hula hoop spins

Faster then

Faster still

Keep the hula hoop up high

The girls love the game

The boys well

Way too cool to play

They snicker

And giggle

Till the girls call them all out

Why don’t you try it

The girls say

The boys look nervous

Their feet dance

Here’s the chance

To show the girls who is best

Or to fail the test

The boys try

The hula hoop spins

Down it goes

Again then

Again, the hula hoop falls

The girls stand so tall

As they win

The boys walk away

Girls return

To their game

Swish,swoosh the hula hoop spins

Faster and faster


Party Lines

Telephone rings

Oh who could it be

Hope the call

Is for little old me

Pick up the phone

To my dismay

The phone call goes

My neighbors way

I’m so annoyed

With this party line

Where my call

Is really your call

Bide my time

Waitin for the party line

Don’t you dare listen in

On the party line

Everything will be so fine

When I can get on

The party line

Finally it’s my time

On the party line

Don’t you listen in

As I spend some time

On the party line

Telephone rings

Oh who could it be

Hope the call

Is for little old me

Pick up the phone

To my dismay

The phone call goes

My neighbors way


Jiffy Pop

Remember back to then

Way, way back when

We used to love to eat

An oh so tasty little treat

Jiffy Pop

Was really nothing special

Popcorn wrapped in foil

Cooked on top of a stove

Not a microwave, a stove

Jiffy Pop

The best part of the treat

Was shaking it over the heat

But you had to be alert

The hot handle would hurt

Jiffy Pop

Listening to each kernel pop

Until all the popping stopped

Then came the time to eat

The oh so tasty little treat

Jiffy Pop

In Retrospect

Remembering when is always a little fun. You get a chance to reflect on what made our moments in time ours. The 60’s and 70’s were our decades to roam just like now is another generations time to roam. The key is to enjoy your time and save the memories so later on you can look back fondly.

© 2021 Timothy Whitt

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