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Poems From the Jersey Shore 36

Faith, Art, writing and learning are Tim’s passions. Tim loves working in education. He has a BS in Psychology from Albright College.


End of Summer is a Bummer

i can’t believe I’m sitting here realizing summer is unofficially over. I am back working at my local school counting the days till next summer. On the flip side the beaches are now almost free of tourists which makes it easier to walk along the boardwalk and shore. Well enough about the end of summer being a bummer and on to the poems.

Most of my poems come from first line writing prompts or single word writing prompts. All of the poems offered here are poems based on an idea which prepped into my head which is my usual way to start a poem. Once I get an idea in my head I run the idea until I get a poem I like.

I hope you like enjoy all the poems here. They run the gambit from an ode to a toaster to a poem about why people are so angry these days. Until next time enjoy your days of slowly decreasing sunshine and leaves falling from the trees.


A poem I wrote as a tribute to my long and happy marriage.

A Mystery

My wife is a mystery to me

She is hard to figure out

Some days I think I know

Other days I have my doubts

I’ve learned some things

Since I’ve been happily wed

I know when to talk

When to leave things unsaid

I know when she says fine

It’s really, really not

I know to never answer

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If I think she’s thin or fat

I know to remain really quiet

About the clothes she’s wearing

In order to insure I’m sleeping

In the king bed we’re sharing

There’s much, much more

I’d liked to impart your way

Like how “yes dear” can be

A really useful little phrase

So you see

My wife is a mystery to me

She is hard to figure out

Some days I think I know

Other days I have my doubts


A poem about how hard it is to say goodbye.

Goodbye My Love

Say goodbye

Forever in my voice

For the pain eats away

The pain plagues

Now you are only

A dream

Locked away in my mind

A dream

Which rolls like a movie

Each scene

A reminder

Of a life I knew

Of the people

I loved


A poem dedicated to how much we are all tied to our past lives.

Hey Younger Me

Hey younger me

You got me locked in chains

Not chains you can see

But chains which bind emotionally

Whoa, those chains got

A hold on me

Chains I can’t break away from

No man

Can’t run my life cause I’m not free

Whoa those chains I’ve created

Won’t set me free

I want to tell you younger me

I think you did fine

But you left me baggage

Carried across the sands of time

Chains I can’t break away from

No man

Can’t run my life cause I’m not free

Whoa those chains I’ve created

Won’t set me free


What can I say but here is another life reflection poems.

Between the Years

I’m living between the years

Thinking about life gone by

Trying to get a handle on

Where, when and why

Things happen the way they do

I set a course for my life

A way I wanted to go

Along the way the winds changed

Where, when and why, I don’t know

All the ideas, all the dreams

Over the years I planned

Slipped through my fingers

Like grains of sifting sand

Now I stand between the years

Looking back, looking ahead

Wondering do I set a new course

Or go with the rivers flow instead

I know God is there

I know He guides our life

I wonder about all my choices

We’re they mine, wrong or right

Or does God set the course

Let us set sail, on our way

Ever so gently guiding us

As we travel along each day

It all remains a mystery

To me it is still unclear

So all I can do is stand

Amd wonder between the years

In between the years


A poem tied into the idea we have to learn to think for ourselves and not let others try to dictate the path we need to travel.


What if

We think for ourselves?

Would we know which way to go

Without other people telling us

The things

We need to think and know

You see

Life isn’t blindly following words

It’s watching actions

Seeing what’s right

The truth inside someone’s heart

The path we need to light

As we go out and do our part

A poem dedicated to the fact I tried to to give up writing poems but just couldn’t.

I’m Not Going to Write Another Poem

I’m not gonna write a poem today

I don’t feel like it, no how, no way

Sure I’ll put some words on a page

But it will not be a poem, no thanks

I’ve given up writing poetry for now

Maybe I’ll write a book or just a story

Or just crank out an article or two

I’ve got the time now to be carefree


I can’t stop the words from coming out

They’re part of me, they’re who I am

So, I’ll let the words flow from my pen

I’ll create poems for as long as I can


A poem based on the 2nd Psalm


Why are people these days always so angry?

Why do people seek out their futile plans

Preparing to do battle with all their neighbors

Any way they choose, any way they can

Let us break the chains and free ourselves

Of the walk of those from the past

Create a world built of hope and trust

A world which won’t crumble, but will last

Cause it’s only working together can we stand

They’ll be no peace in a fractured land

So let’s burst the bonds which now bind us

The ideas which continue to separate us

Stand on new foundations built on love

And faith in the God who reigns above

Then the world will be a much better place

For all who run in this the human race


A simple ode to a common household appliance - the toaster.

The Toaster

Two brown slices

Pop from your depths

Perfectly toasted

Pieces of bread

Ready for butter

Some jam or jelly spread

Or maybe peanut butter


Oh toaster, my toaster

without you

Oh toaster

I’d be left with

Some plain white bread

© 2021 Timothy Whitt


Timothy Whitt (author) from New Jersey on September 19, 2021:

Thank you for your comments

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on September 19, 2021:

These poems were wonderful, Tim, and lots of wisdom within…especially in regard to our wives..”yes, dear” needs to be spoken with sincerity though haha.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on September 19, 2021:

Mystery & Between the years were my favourites.

Mystery made me chuckle. Yes dear...

And that one about writing.

If you are truly a writer you just can't stop.

Those words simply keep popping into your mind.

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