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Poems From the Jersey Shore 35

Faith, Art, writing and learning are Tim’s passions. Tim loves working in education. He has a BS in Psychology from Albright College.


Life In A Few Words

i was recently talking to a gentleman from NYC. He was telling me about five of his family members, including his uncle who had died because of Covid. It was a very heart wrenching and eye opening experience, it also made me think about how an entire life can be summed up in a few words.

The poems in this compilation are all about life. They deal with different aspects of life. I hope you enjoy the poems. I also hope they make you think about life and help you see you need to live your life more fully and maybe in a new way.

They say life is a race we run. I wrote this poem with that thought running through my head.

The Race

A journey of a lifetime

Begins with the first step

After that it’s a foot race

Until the very last lap

Some people run the race

sprinting to the finish line

Thinking they need to win

think they’re all doing fine

Others try to pace themselves

They know it’s a marathon

Trying to breathe in each day

Making the best of the run

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The pace is up to the runner

They can go fast or go slow

The race they run depends

On how they want life to go


I wrote this poem in reference to all the vain people a nerd like me has run into in my lifetime.


You may have

The look people want

You may have

The right words

People are drawn to hear

Problem is your heart

Is silent

It doesn’t cry out

To others

Of your love

Only of your vanity

As you satisfy

Your own ways

In the end you’ll find

When looks fail

When words cease

You’ll be judged by all your deeds

The good ones and bad


People always say act normal, but what is normal? Do we really truly know or is person there own normal? Questions to think about.


Normal is



Both of us


In our own way

Truth is

We are


A different person


Our own normal

The way we

Are meant

To be

The way we

Are created

To be

It is what makes


A part

Of a not so





Ponderings about a life which is growing ever closer to the end.

My Life

Don’t know if my life

Ending will be happy

Or if it will be the

Saddest part

Right now I’m living

A happy middle

After I had a pretty

Rough start


A poem which asks you to think about what you care about the most.

Your Soul

I must ask

What do you care more


How you look

Or your soul

One will bring you earthly praise

One eternal rest

It’s your choice

Where you spend your time

Seeking beauty

Seeking God

In the end is when you’ll find

Which choice was the o

A poem dedicated to the wonderment of what happened to a lost love.

A Letter

Hello my love, everyday I wrote you a letter

Hello my love, everyday I wrote you a letter

How I wished you would return

How I hoped you would come home

Letters which remain unopened

Letters which remain unsent

Well my love, if you’d gotten my letters

You’d know how much I missed you

Yes, my love, you’d know I missed you

Well you know I hope you’re doing well

Someday maybe I’ll get to tell you so

Miss you, my love, miss you

If you ever see me on the street, please stop, talk awhile

Yes, if you ever see me one the street, please stop, talk awhile

Well my love I so want you to stroll down the street

And see can you see my love for you is still alive

A poem dedicated to the fact we all change no matter how hard we try not to change.

People Change

People change

So will I

I know it’s true

I will not deny


Each day I grow


Each day my life gets


Change will come


The blink of eye

The person I am


Is not the person

I will become



I must embrace


Revel in who I will



Worry about the person

Left behind

A poem which looks at the idea of how we live out our years, with love or not love.

How Much, How Many

How much love in an old heart

Depends on how much love was given away

How much joy is left in a long life

Depends on where your heart stays

How many good friends in a long life

Depends on what kind of friend you were

How many tomorrows in a long life

Depends on well you lived your today’s

© 2021 Timothy Whitt


Joanne Hayle from Wiltshire, U.K. on August 31, 2021:

Excellent. I particularly enjoyed Normal and Your Soul. Great writing. :-)

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on August 31, 2021:

A nice collection of poems Tim. I also enjoyed Death in Code Blue...but was unable to comment.

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