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Poems From the Jersey Shore 33

Timothy is a Christian who enjoys creating visual art and writing. He has a B.S. in Psychology.


The Days Gone Bye…

Well, it’s the end of another school year. A shortened school year for me anyway. Now the year is done I’m relaxing. Well for me relaxing is having time to paint and write more. Well that, among house cleaning and catching up on the things around the house which need to be touched up, fixed or painted. Wait, when does the next school year start?

Anyway I hope you enjoy this new batch of poems. I didn’t put down any prompts are used because most of the poems came from ideas or thoughts which poured into my head. Until next time, stay safe and enjoy your summer.


Every time I see the backwards man

Standing in the mirror

I gaze at back and start to wonder

Is it me in another world

Another time

Another life

Maybe the me in the mirror

Is the right me

And I’m just his reflection

Are we merely the reflection in the mirror or is the reflection in the mirror merely us?


A New Light

What if we looked

At things in a new light

Started seeing things

With a different sight

Would our perception of

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The world begin to change

Or would what we see

Still remain just the same

The answer is right there

For all of us to seek and find

All we must choose to do

Is open our hearts and minds

In order to live a full life we must open our minds to the truth found in all which surrounds us.


A Poem For You

These two hearts I give to you

A symbol of love that binds us two

A love that has guided us

Throughout all our years

Through all of the laughter

Through all of the sorrow

Through all the joy and tears.

These two hearts I give to you

As a reminder I still love you

A love that stands from now till then

Throughout all that may come

Through a life of children

Through an empty home

Through all things left to be done

These to hearts are given to you

All I have is meant for you

Our life God meant us to share

Through the good times and bad

Through plenty and in want

Through years yet to come

We will lead each other there.

These two hearts are given to you

Just to say I love you

What is today but a glimpse into the possibilities of tomorrow.


What if we listen more closely?

Would we begin to understand?

Would we begin to know more

About our fellow man?

We all have a different story

We all come from our own place

There is much more to each person

Then our ethnicity or race

So in order know to learn to walk

In another person”s size shoes

We must all sit down and seek

What truly lies deep in the heart

We must all stop the chatter

Listening is the way we do our part


My Head

I can’t count the thoughts which dance

Which bounce, which swim in my head

Thoughts of wonder

Thoughts of joy

Thoughts of sadness

Thoughts of me as a little boy

Thoughts of doubt

Thoughts of anxiety and fear

Thoughts left unsaid

Thoughts I wish were clear

I wish the thoughts would cease

No, maybe not, maybe not at all

Cause the thoughts which swirl

And twirl, which roll like a ball

Make us who we are, or become

When you make a choice, choose to love because love opens up a greater amount of possibilities.

Good Years

Are the good years

Ahead of you

Or were the good years

Left far behind

Depends on the view

You hold in your mind

Just cause you’re older

Does not mean

The good times go away

If you seek them

You’ll find them each day

Why do you stand around waiting to do something? Get up and get out because ou may be the only one who can make a change in your community.


I’m the one who invented procrastination

So you could do something when you please

You can put it off till tomorrow

Or maybe next week

Or save it for a month from now

Or maybe not at all

Procrastination doesn’t play

By any rules

It has no rules

© 2021 Timothy Whitt

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