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Poems From the Jersey Shore 31

Timothy is a Christian who enjoys creating visual art and writing. He has a B.S. in psychology.

Scenes from Laurtia Winery

Scenes from Laurtia Winery

The Shore Is Coming Back to Life:

It is the time of year when the Shore and the beach comes back to life. The time when tourists start flocking in from all over to enjoy their time in the sun. This year us locals have more mixed feelings about the return to normalcy. We know the businesses need the people but with all the problems of the last year, well some people aren’t ready.

I have mixed feelings about the whole shore opening up but it does mean I will have the opportunity to get out and take more photos to go along with my poems. I hope you enjoy this new batch of poems. All of them but the last two well inspired by certain aspects of life. The last two are just poems which popped into my head. I hope you enjoy them all.

Where You‘re From

Where you’re from

Depends on where

You think you’re from

It may be the there, where

We feel we were born

Where we grew up

Where we lived the best life

Where were from

Is all in a point of view

Author”s Note

The inspiration for this poem came from so pen asking me where I was from. I told them where I was born and they, “No where are you from, you know the place you most identify with?”

Scenes from Laurita Winery

Scenes from Laurita Winery


People don’t understand

Who I am


A joyous unique soul


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Life and dreams are of my own liking

In their eyes I’m just someone weird

A person who is not like them

But I am me

Never like one of them

Author’s Notes

A poem dedicated to all of us who have a bit of a weird streak. Don’t let anybody tell you to change but revel in your uniquenes.

Scenes from Laurita Winery

Scenes from Laurita Winery

Counting Calories

Counting calories each day

Only way

You think

To lose unwanted pounds

But the less you eat your body thinks

To slow down

You need to

Move more, eat less

You’ll loose

Author’s Note

Counting calories was written in the Lupous Teleform style where you use a random phone number to dictate The number of syllables per line. The inspiration for the poem comes from a couple of women I work with who were talking about loosing weight by counting calories.

Totally Committed

Not half, but the whole

Not in part, but the sum

We are called to follow Jesus

Which means giving up a life

We hold near and dear to us

In order to receive a much better life

Built on what He’s done for us

A life dedicated to service

Not half, but the whole

Not in part, but the sum

Author’s Note

I slipped in a poem of faith about how we need to be wholly committed when we come to service in the Lord.

Scenes from Laurita Winery

Scenes from Laurita Winery

Good Years

Are the good years

Ahead of you

Or were the good years

Left far behind

Depends on the view

You hold in your mind

Just cause you’re older

Does not mean

The good times go away

If you seek them

You’ll find them each day

Author’s Note

As you get older your mind start to wonder if your good years were behind you or are there some good years yet to come. This poem is dedicated to those thoughts of wonder.


How is a question

Along the lines of





And why

A question which

Seeks an answer

To the way to do

All the things we seek to do

Without How?

The world would be lost

Not ever knowing

How to live

How to do

How to be all

And the age old

How come


Who are you?


Or another

Who hides the you

Under a facade of them

Who you are

Also depends

If your who

Wants to be the who

You’re born as

Or the who

They lead you

To believe

You need to be

So choose your who


Cause it will shape

The who

You will be for life

© 2021 Timothy Whitt

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