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Poems From the Jersey Shore 30

Tim is a Christian artist, storyteller and poet. He also has a strong faith and enjoys writing articles with a strong moral value.

Original artwork by Timothy Whitt

Original artwork by Timothy Whitt

Poems Are A Written Form Of Art

I've been an artist for more than 30 years. I like to draw and paint. I’ve been writing poems for almost twenty years. Poetry to me is a written form of art. Instead of crafting with a paintbrush you craft words into a poem and it takes just as much time as creating a work of art.

Just like my artwork I like to weave my poems around a certain idea. Sometimes the poems come out as super serious others like the ones in the grouping are more humorous and light hearted.

I recently came up with the idea of highlighting some of my artwork in with my poems. In this my 30th issue of Poems from the Jersey Shore I’ve included some more of my artwork along with six new poems. I hope you enjoy both the artwork as well as the poems.


I must remember

Before I forget

What I needed to

Remember in the first place

Oh I forgot

What I needed to remember

Now I must try to

Remember what I forgot

So I don’t forget to

Remember it the next time

Author’s Note

As I get older it gets harder and harder to remember things. And once you forget something it is hard to bring it back to mind. This poems is an ode to remembering.

Original artwork by Timothy Whitt

Original artwork by Timothy Whitt

The Mask

Behind this mask

Hides the real me

The one I I don’t

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Want anyone to see

The me who’s quirky

The me who’s still

A child at heart

The me who feels

Is the most me there is

Author’s Note

We are all someone else inside. A person we don’t want others to see. For me it is my quirky side. This is poem is dedicated who we are behind a mask.

Original artwork by Timothy Whitt

Original artwork by Timothy Whitt

My Wife”s Helper

I used to be my wife’s helper

But I got fired today

Just cause I broke a few dishes

When I tried to put them away

Just cause I shrunk her shirts

When I dried them for an hour

Just cause I weeded the garden

And may have pulled out her flowers

Just cause I bought all name brands

When she sent me to the store

And cause I put the flour where the sugar goes

And just cause I’ve done this all before

Wink, wink

Author’s Note

A poem dedicated to things us husbands do to not do housewor.

My Wife Loves Me

My wife says she loves me

And to show how much she cared

She let me cook her dinner

And I’m glad at least she shared

But then she let wash the dishes

And dry and put them all away

As she whispered, “Love is grand.”

But did you make dessert today

Author’s Note

While on the subject of spouses. Here is a poem a poem dedicated to the fact love just not a word it is also actions which speak louder than words.


Whenever I Sit Down

Whenever I sit down

I feel so guilty

Like I need

To still be busy

So I get back up

Run around the house

Sweeping the floors

I already swept

Making the bed

Which wasn’t unkempt

Rewashing wash

Which wasn’t dirty

Maybe I should sit

Take a quick thirty

No, no time or waste

Gotta keep,cleaning my place

Author’s Note

A poem dedicated to all the cleaning freaks out there.

Black Squirrel

A black squirrel

Strolled into my yard

As squirrels

Are prone to do

Running near or far

Searching out some food

From where he came

I really don’t have a clue

And before I could ask

Off to another yard he flew

Author’s Note

A poem I wrote after watching a squirrel run around my yard and then leave.



I had today all planned


I thought I had it all in hand

Oh yesterday

Oh yesterday

I’d wake up

Jump out of bed

Brush my teeth

Comb my head

Have some coffee

or maybe tea

eat some breakfast

off to work for me

But as I lay there

In my nice warm bed

I just pulled the covers

back over my head

Author’s Note

A poem about how we feel most days about going to work.

© 2021 Timothy Whitt

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