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Poems From the Jersey Shore 27 - Nonsensical Poems

Timothy is a Christian who enjoys creating visual art and writing. He has a B.S. in psychology.


Here at the beach we are excited now the weather is coming back. It means the seashore will be coming back to life and the beach will be a buzz with people. While the crowds can be troublesome it means there will be some normalcy.

in light of the coming beach season I decided it was time to post a few of what I call my nonsensical poems. They are more or less thoughts which pop into my head so I turn them into poems of sorts, I hope you enjoy them.

My Dog

My dog doesn’t

Drink from it‘s bowl

It prefers the toilet

Don‘t you know

I can’t get him

To change his mind

I’ve tried and tried

So many times

I’ve offered him

Flavored water

I’ve offered him

the sink

But from the toilet

He continues to drink

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If you have advice

To help me along

Drop me a line

Or sing me a sing

I‘m open for suggestions



You’re happy or sad

You’re calm or mad

They’re your emotions

You laugh or you cry

You give up or try

They’re your emotions

You‘re afraid or brave

You’re give or crave

They‘re your emotions

Don‘t try to

Figure them out

Cause you’ll either

Scream or shout

Cause they’re your emotions


Dog In The Park

If you see a dog

Sitting in the park

Don't go near him

Or he might bark

Or he may bite


You gave him a fright

Instead watch

For the waggling tail

It might be a sign

Which might or might not tell

The dog is friendly

Well maybe not

Watch your fingers


The Reflection

When I look at my reflection

I stare back at the me

And wonder about the me

In the mirror I do see

Is it the me I see now

Or is it a another me

From another place

From another time somehow

I let out a chuckle

At my thoughts

I let out a laugh

Cause I know when I

Walk away

To my other me

Goodbye I’ll say

Nothing To Do

Nothing to do

Nothing to do

Oh my my

I have nothing to do

I’m sitting here

With nothing to do

I cleaned the house

I mopped the floor

I folded the wash

I washed the car

I did the dishes

I mowed the grass

I bought the groceries

I took out the trash

Nothing to do

Nothing to do

Oh my my

I have nothing to do

I’m sitting here

With nothing to do



My wife and I went to the store

My wife and I had a short list

Three hours later

My wife and I headed to the check out

Hey wait a minute___

Where is my wife?

Baking Lessons

Dear husband

You‘ve spilt the milk on the floor

And have gotten flour everywhere

Including your hair

There’s egg up your nose

There’s batter down to your toes

And there’s nothing in the pan

Perhaps it was too soon

To teach you how to bake

© 2021 Timothy Whitt

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