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Poems From The Jersey Shore 28

Timothy is a Christian who enjoys creating visual art and writing. He has a B.S. in psychology.


I recently started reading books by Shel Silverstein. I love the simple but complex nature of his poems. While I don’t consider myself in his league of writing I decide to start writing whatever comes to mind. I call these my nonsense poems, which will be featured in most of my new offering.

While the Jersey Shore is coming alive now restrictions are being limited and warm weather is approaching it is still a few weeks away from Memorial Day, the unofficial opening of the beach, which everyone is looking forward. Me not so much because it means the return of the out of towners and traffic. Well whatever at least it will be warm outside.

Until next time I hope you enjoy these poems.

Hanging Out the Wash

Hanging out the wash

Trying to let it dry

Wait, is that a dark cloud

Way up in the sky

Nah, it’ll be ok

Bringing in the wet wash

The rain has drowned

Tried to get back out in time

I just couldn’t get it down



I packed the car, we’re ready to go

My wife takes one look, says, ‘“No, no, no”

Empty the car, is not packed right

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Three hours later, the car is packed tight

Not one suitcase or bag is out of place

I don’t know how she fits it all, in the space


Spam Emails

I opened up my emails

And zoof

Up popped some spam

I thought I’d gotten rid of them

But no, oh no

They’re back again

The emails come one, two then three

The more I get rid of them

The more of them I begin to see

Instead of filling my every want

An answer to all of my needs

They make me their slave

Oh they do indeed

You answer one, you get a million

I sweat and sweat

Trying to get them to stop

From Sunday’s to Saturday’s

I drop them in spam

Or delete them

Get rid of them

Anyway I can

But the next day

They come back again





And again

Will It Ever Come

Will it ever come

Will it ever come

The day we return to normal

A day

When all is said and done

Life now

Whose to say what will come

When all is said and done

All you can say, all you can do

Is move forward day after day

Hopin and prayin

The many fears and cares away

Wondering, waiting

Will it ever come

Will it ever come

The day we return to normal

A day

When all is said and done

It’s been a long, long time

In coming

There is still so much longer

We have to go

Till the day comes

We will return

We can say all is almost

Said and done

Will it ever come

Will it ever come

The day we return to normal

A day

When all is said and done



Can whenever ever

Be never

Or can whenever

Never be never


Or must it be

Some point in time

Either way I’m fine

My Shadow

I took my shadow for a stroll

On the boardwalk today

Just him and me

Down by the sea

With the sun in our face

We watched the waves roll

Felt the sea billows blow

Stopped to get a bite

Flew a large kite

We had quite a day

I really must say

Just him and me

Down by the sea

© 2021 Timothy Whitt

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