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Poem (Indian Literature)

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Love i's not fake dear


Letter of love

Find what you?


She is crossed the mountains and crossed the sea...

Lost in the desert.

With silent eyes in sparkling water

With heated steam-----

Was lost in the deep Darkness.

But yes

To go

Shimul cuts the thorns of the tree--

She wrote you,, A Letter.


Be weel.

Satisfied with laughter be happy friend.

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I am your deceitful, false love.

With the pyramids of Egypt of the heart

Leaves eternity

I want to sleep in the lap of humanity.

I want to sleep in the house of the shepherd boy

of peace.

Don’t you be angry.

Violence, greed,thirst,desire.... there can be no love.

Love i's not fack dear.

The principle consequences of love are

unrealistically unrealistic.

So I Wish you perfection in the rules of tomorrow.

I am getting lost in the void.

Yours love.

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