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I'm too old-fashioned!

I am a student of English Literature.I love to srite articles,stories,Poems etc.

I'm too old-fashioned!

I'm too old-fashioned!
Yet, I did not smuggle weapons into the body.
As perverted as the soul is,
Their pungent odor, covered-
With handkerchiefs made of colored thread.
Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally.
Leakage from the liver-
Holiness and consciousness, today worn out in the dust.
The eye that sees the Water Lily on the surface of a penny,
That ear, did not hear Doyle's call,
How will he get on the raft Water Lily?
What will you see?
The art of drying the body of a rain-soaked doyel!
I haven't seen the colored glasses yet,
So, with open eyes, I see the green leaves and the mischief of the wind!
Dance the light of the twilight!
I've done it on the ground,
I surrendered myself to life,
Because, I'm too old-fashioned!

© 2020 Moshiur Rahman Nishan

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