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I am Quite Helpless on This Sunny Day

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I am Quite Helpless on This Sunny Day

I am Quite Helpless on This Sunny Day

I am quite helpless on this sunny day!
Even when the clear light came, I could not find my door.
I'm alive in the corner of the house in the guise of dirt!

Death is haunting me !!!
Polythene such as in a room, mixed in the soil-
Not exhausted,
I am one of them !!!!
Just anonymous, cursed ghost around !!
Man !!He is very strange,the best of creation !!

At the touch of which more life is transmitted.
Those who are loving, gentle like nature !!
And ghosts, ha ha ha !! They have many- houses, many energy, many forms !!
They are merged with the world-
This world is soil and I am polythene !!!
I can't match myself with them.
Even if you want a million times!

I am quite helpless this rainy evening !!!

On the one hand, I saw the dream get wet endlessly!
It's raining in the red rain!
On the other hand, to soak the throat, such as crows do not get water,
I am so thirsty !!!
Today,a part of the thirst is quenched in tears !.
He has run out of salt-water.!
This water still soaks the dry soil,
Emotion still gets fullness in freshness !!
Their water is not salty.
In fact, ghosts do not cry, they cry.
I sent the letter to the address of stagnation.
The answer is their silence is over,
The ghosts bought it.
So today, I am helpless, helpless, very helpless !!

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