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Life Goes On: So Let's Live With Happiness

This poem shows how I learnt that this life goes on and just living in worries will make it slow and boring.


Life Goes on (Full Text)

Oh I peek from the blanket in the morn but the sun shuts my eyes down,

the dreams seen are zero and the face looks like a clown.

But still there is a 0.1 percent of energy and a will that makes me wanna glow.

But life goes on and I have no choice but to go with the flow.

"No no more continuing with the flow" but immediately after saying this I'll do the same.

There's sooo much enthusiasm while imagining the future but then living in it feels so lame.

The sun's setting and I am sweating even tho I did nothing.

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The past is haunting, the present's hunting, but when I think about the future it's hurting.

The stars in midnight look so cool, but you know they are burning with fire.

Similarly, our lives are stars and they are burning with many dreams and desire.

Hey darkness of the midnight don't shadow me, light on me with the moon.

Some filled with happiness and some filled with tension waiting for the day of doom.


-------------------The End----------------

© 2021 Husamuddin Chittalwala

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