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Here is another traveller in this plane of life, describing how he loves it.

Poem one: Life


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Your life started not because you were born you were ALIVE!!

Remember, To Live, you don't need to dream you need to strive.

You are the reality of your life but it cuts you sometimes like a knife and bangs you like a band.

But it's yours, you shape it, you love it, you make it that's in your damn hands.

If you enjoy the whole life and always choose what is fun!!.

Remember when you venture in this world you'll always feel like you're done.

When you feel like it's over think about the dreams that follow you,

then you will think listening to people was not aways true.

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You building the castle of life and people trying to break it with some stupid mock and talk.

But trust me buddy when you're done with it it's gonna make their jaws drop.

Oh you are a creation of beauty and brains oh how can I let you fade.

I know you can face this life and it's problems and handle them like they were never made.

Oh here trust here is fragile and if you know how to make it strong.

You will find right people for your life like it's a game of ping pong.

Some problems will someday make you feel like you should end your life.

But you are damn strong and you can cut through all this like a sharp knife.

I donno if this made you feel that your life is better and greater.

But I am on an journey to make myself that's my life greater, so till then, see u later!!.

© 2021 Husamuddin Chittalwala

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