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Poems on Fall (Autumn)

Radhika loves writing poems. She can scribble some spontaneously, whereas some of them are weaved with much care and thought.

Trees bearing colorful leaves during fall

Trees bearing colorful leaves during fall

The cool air chilled my heart

this morning;

The golden leaves stunned my eyes

this morning;

The sun woke me up late

this morning;

The summer receded me silent

this morning;

Falling leaves circled my legs

this noon;

Crisp cherries filled my hands

this noon;

Harvest songs knocked my ears

this noon;

Fall arrived with colors

this noon;

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Twilight glazed the colors

this evening;

Breeze blew the fallen leaves

this evening;

Misty clouds hid the sun

this evening;

Twilight seen for short

this evening;

The moon grew large and orange

this night;

The moonlight silvered the trees

this night;

The moon stayed for long

this night;

The fall delighted my dreams

this night;

Autumn/fall season in Iran

I witnessed fall/autumn season so closely when I was in Iran. I had to stay there for about one year during my husband’s official tour. His office was in Shiraz and we got an apartment somewhere nearby. Iran is a land of poets and painters who are multifariously talented. The great poets Omar Khayyam, Ferdowsi and Hafez were from Iran who contributed their literary works to the Persian literature. The famous Indian poets Mirza Galib and Amir Khusrow also had their roots in Persia whose tender poems on love still make waves everywhere.

During those days in Iran, we had a getaway to Sepidan in October month. Fall season was blooming then. Sepidan is a natural spot of multitude colors, gorges, rocky forest hills and greenery scattered here and there. The gateway to Sepidan was a trail of tall pine trees on a row on either side with golden yellow leaves that created a rich and warm welcome to us. This view is still pondering me and inspiring me to write another poem. Mild cool air and gentle breeze also added to the climate.

Fall/autumn leaves

Fall/autumn leaves

Yellow touches green leaves when fall is in

Red brushes yellow leaves when crops are reaped

Orange strikes red leaves when fall is full

Earth calls red leaves when fall is


Trees can no more bear the leaves

and shred them that would fall down

that sob, cry at the boughs of trees

that had carried and loved them once;

Trees are surrounded by fallen leaves

they are neither fed nor cared

some are blown up by the wind

some die on the heart of earth;

Birds mourn at this silent sight

In fond memories of the past

when they were petted and pampered

by these soft-hearted buried leaves!!

About autumn/fall

Autumn/fall symbolizes prosperity and gay. This season brightens minds with its cool, modest climate. Trees get thickly set with fruits and fields bear grains ready to crop. In villages, people sing songs of harvest. Moreover, the transition of colors in leaves from yellow to orange gives a wonderful visual treat and people go out to natural spots to enjoy the beauty of nature. Autumn is also associated with Halloween. The television, film, book, costume, home decoration, and confectionery product promotions are closely related to this holiday. This starts from early September till the end of October, since their themes rapidly lose hold once the holiday ends.

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Autumn season

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© 2012 Radhika Sreekanth


Shaloo Walia from India on September 22, 2015:

what a use of imagery...loved it!

Radhika Sreekanth (author) from Mumbai,India on January 25, 2015:

Yes Risa Stewart, fall delights everyone with its enchanting colors and climate. Thanks for commenting.

Radhika Sreekanth (author) from Mumbai,India on January 23, 2015:

Thanks jhamann for stopping by and for commenting. Glad to hear that you loved it and you're most welcome.

Radhika Sreekanth (author) from Mumbai,India on January 22, 2015:

Hi Harish,

You're just flattering me as I'm not a poet actually. These lines are simply some rhythmic words of my thoughts, dear friend! Thank you so much for the votes and share.

Marisa K. Rouse from North Carolina on January 20, 2015:

Fall will always be my favorite season! There is so much to see and do during that time. Pretty poem!

Jamie Lee Hamann from Reno NV on January 19, 2015:

Beautiful poetry for Autumn. I love the repitition and there are a few very memorable lines. Thank you for sharing. Jamie

Harish Mamgain from New Delhi , India on January 19, 2015:

This is a masterpiece, my friend. What you showed about leaves is really enchanting to the soul ! You made even the fallen leaves alive and speaking. Lovely poem, I would not forget it ever ! Voted up and shared.

Radhika Sreekanth (author) from Mumbai,India on October 02, 2013:

Thanks prasetio30 for such an engaging comment.

Radhika Sreekanth (author) from Mumbai,India on October 02, 2013:

Thanks brblog for expressing how you feel about summer and fall seasons. Have a great time during this fall!!

prasetio30 from malang-indonesia on October 02, 2013:

Beautiful...I love autumns and all the pictures here. Thanks for sharing with us. Thumbs up :-)


Radhika Sreekanth (author) from Mumbai,India on October 02, 2013:

Thank you ChitrangadaSharan for the visit and comment. Much appreciated.

Bruce from Chicago, Illinois on October 02, 2013:

I have a love / hate relationship with fall - I hate that summer has ended but I love everything about the fall season. Your words let me reflect.

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on October 02, 2013:

Lovely poem and wonderful pictures!

Thanks for sharing the beauty of the season in beautiful words!

Voted up!

Radhika Sreekanth (author) from Mumbai,India on October 01, 2013:

Thanks vocalcoach for that wonderful comment. I'm highly honored by the kind words from a lovely writer of Hubpages. I'm glad that you considered this hub as a gift and am not getting enough words to express my gratitude.

Audrey Hunt from Pahrump NV on October 01, 2013:

You are a beautiful poet and writer. I love how your first poem used the different times of the day to embrace the fall. Your time in Iran was very interesting for me to read. Thank you for giving me this gift.

Voted up, awesome, beautiful, interesting and will share. Blessings to you ~ Audrey

Radhika Sreekanth (author) from Mumbai,India on April 18, 2012:

So nice to hear from you. I'm happy that you enjoyed my poems and pictures. Thanks for the votes and rate.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on April 18, 2012:

That photo of the tree with its Autumn cloak of colored leaves at the top was spectacular! I enjoyed your lovely poems related to this season of the year and hearing about your living in Iran. Thanks! Voted up and beautiful.

Radhika Sreekanth (author) from Mumbai,India on March 27, 2012:


Thanks for commenting so beautifully and I'm glad that you liked the pictures too. Thanks for voting up.

savanahl on March 26, 2012:

Very beautiful writing and I love the picture as well. Voted up.

Radhika Sreekanth (author) from Mumbai,India on March 09, 2012:

Yes vinaya, nature presents each season with its own artistic forms that create a visual treat for all of us. Thanks for commenting.

Vinaya Ghimire from Nepal on March 09, 2012:

Every season has its own taste. Winter is passing, spring is here and I still remember the fall and wait for the rain.

Radhika Sreekanth (author) from Mumbai,India on March 08, 2012:

Thanks Lesley for stopping by and leaving a beautiful comment. Thanks for the vote and blessings.

Movie Master from United Kingdom on March 08, 2012:

Absolutely beautiful, thank you for sharing your poems and pictures.

Voting up and beautiful.

Best wishes Lesley

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