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Poem - She Has Tried So Hard

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Poem – She Has Tried So Hard

This poem is dedicated to special needs Moms in situations where the Father of the child or children has left the home for a long period of time, offering no indication of when and if he will return. If you have gone through such a thing or know someone that has, this poem is written to offer comfort.

For special needs Dads who are thinking about leaving the family, please reconsider your actions because your family really needs you so much. How about this? Dads in general, special needs or not, try to resist the temptation to leave home. It happens way too often in society but you do not have to let the negative choices that other men make influence your own choices. Really think and pray about what your own actions will be and what the consequences of your actions will be.

She Has Tried So Hard

She has tried so hard to stay well.

Nothing works.

She feels broken.

Like her heart will sink.

She can barely think.

It might be time to

get professional help.

It might be time

to go see a shrink.

She does not know

how much more

she can endure.

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She was touched

by evil.

That is for sure.

Please God,

cover her in your good grace.

Help her to learn to pace


It seems like she is always

trying to do everything.

Always hustling.

Always moving, always shaking.

She is so tired

and what has transpired

has been making

things worse for her.

She is only one person.

She does not know

how much more

she can endure.

She is overwhelmed.

That is for sure.

God, let her know

what should be next.

None of this is easy for her.

She always frets.

He told her

that she is lazy.

He told her

that she is crazy.

He left her to do everything

all by herself

for their severely disabled child

and one other.

She just feels utterly discarded

as a wife.

And alone as a mother.

© 2018 Nyesha Pagnou MPH


Dianna Mendez on June 13, 2018:

There is a special place in my heart for single parents who struggle providing and caring for their children. I hope your message will lead people to understand the issues some face when caring for special needs children.

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