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Poem : Please Shine a Light For Love

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Please Shine a Light for Love - a poem

Please Shine a Light for Love

Please Shine a Light for Love

Please Shine a Light for Love

Poem: Please Shine a Light for Love

Please shine a light.

A light that is bright

In your part of the world tonight.

There is darkness, toil and trouble everywhere.

On the land, in the sea, in the air.

People are sending other people to therapy

as a repercussion of their bullying and cruelty.

In the end,

all that we really need

is a little bit of harmony.

It should not have to mean

us all keeping to ourselves,

becoming loners in isolation

because we are too afraid to delve

into the complexities of human relationships.

How about if we just

stop giving each other so much lip.

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Sometimes words alone can feel almost like a whip

especially to one with great sensitivity.

We might just conjure up too much animosity.

It might be time to stay more quiet

and just sit pretty.

Nevertheless, the quietness

should not be silence.

We should still communicate love

and never violence.

Just love, love, love.

I love what is lovable in you

and you love what is lovable in me.

This way we can truly be free.

Unconditional love can be much more rare,


But for now,

conditional love will have to do

just as long as there is love.

You can pray for the love to grow deeper

but please, do not say that you do not love


just to try to even up a score

in the category of hurt and pain

because if you do,

then that is when it will surely rain.


© 2018 Nyesha Pagnou MPH

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