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Poem - Painful Love

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Painful Love - a poem

Poem : Painful Love

Poem : Painful Love

Poem - Painful Love

Poem – Painful Love

Sometimes, love is pain

like a stain on a pure,

undefiled heart.

But love can also be ecstasy.

Finding the balance

is a form of art.

Before you say that

you should not love

someone that causes

you pain,

remember that

painful love is


It is really rather mundane.

Love has its ups and downs

and the saying,

“We hurt the ones

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that we love the most”

often rings true.

It can be very hard

to get involved

with loving someone

if pain is not for you.

If you never want

hurt feelings

then by all means

do retreat,

but if you want love

then by all means

do jump right

in to the

proverbial pool

or at least get your feet

wet with

an experience that

you will never forget.

This love might be glorious at times,

but at other times,

it might be painful.

Love can be painful sometimes.

© 2018 Nyesha Pagnou MPH

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